Pure Argan Oil: Give Me a Conditioner that actually works!

Do you often face the daily challenge of achieving great conditioned hair? I know many times I do…with my own hair and my children’s. I use a shampoo to remove dirt and grease build-up but restoring the shine to it and preventing dry or frizzy hair I have to use a conditioner. And the conditioner that has helped to combat frizz in my hair, the husbands and the children’s is Argan oil. Some of you may (like me) have once used or already are using Argan oil containg shampoos. But these big brand shampoos (see previous post) have you believing that a little Argan oil in their product will give you the desired results, but it doesn’t.


Argan Oil’s best kept secret, is that you can only experience its full effects when you use it undiluted and unmixed, in its 100% Pure form. Pure Argan oil in its purest, no fragrance and paraben free form is the most effective hair conditioner. There are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in Argan oil the only ingredient is the purely natural nut oil itself. The high Vitamin E content ensures that you are enriching the hair and not stripping any valuable oils out.

Afro hair benefits in particular from the conditioning quality of Pure Argan Oil as a few drops of oil worked-in from root to tip is the ideal natural serum for keeping hair under control giving a shiny, healthy appearance.

Argan oil is not limited to only hair …There are several great uses for this all-natural beauty product including use a skin moisturiser (great also as a make-up primer). My hands have been cracking away all winter and Argan oil applied every night before bed has worked. It is also good for preventing pregnancy stretch-marks, and great for baby and children’s skin too. Argan oil is so mild that you can use it to cure baby of ‘cradle cap’ banishing dry flaky skin and allowing the scalp to breathe freely.

It is also great for health as oleic acids in argan oil can help lower cholesterol levels, while the oils prostaglandins can boost immunity levels, improve anti-inflammatory functions, and ease cardiovascular disorders.

and wait…Argan oil can also be used for culinary purposes!  It also apparently has a certain nutty taste and smell that goes really well with all sorts of dishes, from soups to desserts. This, I will try in a dessert and let you know for sure.

The extracts of 100% pure argan oil are derived from kernels from the argan tree, a tree with highly cosmetic, nutritive, and medicinal properties found only in Morocco. But you don’t have to fly to Morocco to benefit from this versatile multi-functional oil. To enjoy the Pure Argan Oil effect on your hair and skin look out for our new ‘Naturals by Zara’ range at www.beautybyzara.com

Stay Beautiful,

Zara x



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