Curly Hair Care for Summer 2013

“They kept trying to sponge down my face with cool water and all I could do was shout ‘be careful of my hair!’ because I didn’t want it to go all curly” – Jordan, on giving birth to son Harvey.

This quote from Katie Price, known at the time as glamour model Jordan, shows just how trends change. Fast forward 11 years to 2013 and curls are staging a fashion comeback. This time it is all about the natural look, with subtle waves and beach look tousles being very prominent on the catwalk.

woman on the beach

So when the sun eventually decides to put its hat well and truly on, how can you make sure your natural curls don’t turn into an embarrassing ball of frizz?

When it’s getting hot out there, it’s good to cool things down with a cold shower. Not only does it prevent your body from overheating, but it actually helps to keep your hair shiny too. By not stripping out those essential oils, it effectively keeps the hairs natural moisture levels intact, meaning that your curls look just as nature intended, and without a mass of product heaped on top.

But when it comes to product, the temptation to use them in order to always look at your very best is a strong one, and luckily there are plenty of good quality products out there that can help enhance your natural curl. Always apply after towel drying hair as opposed to when your hair is dry, as this minimises crispiness and frizz. The advantage of warmer weather, is drying your hair naturally is a feasible option, and prevents heat damage from your styling tool.

If you are planning to embrace the sun to the max and get out there for as long as you can, as well as remembering your SPFs, use a hair product that has been specifically formulated to minimise sun damage. Even better, source a product that is designed for naturally curly hair. Think of it is insurance for your hair, helping to minimise the chance of breakage and frizz. You are adding the moisture back in that the sun has taken out.

When it comes to swimming, prevention is better than cure. Before you take a dip, spray through a leave in conditioner. This will protect the hair and prevent the chlorine penetrating the hair shaft. When you leave the pool, spray in some more, to ensure the hair is protected against the intense heat of the sun whilst it dries.


Perhaps the best way to keep your naturally curly hair looking at its very best is to cover up. Hats never go out of style and keep the hairs natural moisture just as nature intended. If you don’t like a hat, tie a scarf round things – this is a very beach babe meets glamour look and teamed with a pair of Coco Chanel style sunglasses, shows fellow sun worshippers that you know your fashion trends.

We always love to hear your experiences, so use the space below to tell us your story.

Zara x

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