Mineral Make-up – Laid Bare

Mineral Make-up has become the wonder product of recent times, with its ability to give superlative skin coverage whilst feeling relatively lightweight on the skin. Its benefits are both numerous and credible, with users enthusing about the way it evens out skin imperfections, its ease of use, and the way it creates a more youthful appearance as well as preventing that most unwelcome oily shine from breaking through.

And as with all make-up products that have firmly installed themselves into our hearts at a fairly rapid rate, the major brands have all been keen to jump on the mineral band wagon and bring out their very own versions,  each promising to bring a flawless complexion to a whole range of skin tone anxieties.mineral

But what is it that makes one brand superior to another, and just what is it that leads to a much higher price tag than its competitor? And if ingredients differ between each brand, does that ultimately mean a superior make-up result?

Let’s start by looking at the 5 main reasons why mineral make-up has become THE must have product for those who don’t want to compromise on great looking skin.

1) Mineral make up covers skin imperfections and evens out irregular skin tone without the heavy look associated with other ‘masking’ foundations and powders.

2) The powder format is incredibly easy to use – simply brush over the face in light strokes for fool proof make up application.

3) It contains no oils, so gives great coverage whilst upholding a desirable matte appearance, as well as preventing any shine breakthrough.

4) It is available at many price points, so it is affordable for all. This is no elite product, and can change the way your skin looks without a celebrity price tag.

5) Other people will notice the difference. We all love a confidence boost and mineral make-up can make you look so much better that other people will have to compliment you on your complexion.

So now we know that mineral make-up is a product worth investing in, what are the brands to look out for, what are the main ingredients and selling features, and what makes them stand out from their competitors?


Clinique is known as a luxury brand, and comes under the umbrella of the Estee Lauder cosmetic company. It is promoted as a brand that is hypo- allergenic and its products are rigorously tested before going on sale.

And with 25% of all Clinique’s sales being attributed purely to foundation, it would seem that the mineral make-up range is already likely to be a huge commercial hitter.

Clinique’s mineral powder differs in that it comes in a compact version as opposed to powder. ‘Almost Powder Make-Up’ is advertised as being lightweight, long wearing, natural, and so easy to apply that you could almost do so with your eyes shut.Almost-Powder-SPF-15-590

The main ingredient is stated as Titanium Dioxide at a concentration of 6.9%. This is a light refracting mineral that is most commonly used in the manufacture of paints, paper, plastics and varnishes. It is known to be bright, and is actually used to paint the white lines of a tennis court. It also has a use within sunscreen, especially within the hypo-allergenic sector, so sits well under the Clinique brand name.

Reviews are generally very positive with good coverage and long lasting in use. Downsides appear to be that it can feel heavy on the skin and can be a little drying. The sponge has the potential to be a bit of a bacteria haven, unlike the loose powder versions where the contents are all contained until use.

Priced at £22, it weighs in on the heavier side of cost.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi-Brown-Bobbi Brown is an American business woman who graduated with a degree in theatrical make up before breaking out into her own range of cosmetics. Her theatrical background of heaviness is in contrast to her make-up ethos of creating a natural look.

Whilst she remains at the head of the business, Bobbi Brown is another company that is under the Estee Lauder brand, but exists as a completely different entity.

The award winning Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15 comes in the loose powder format we now associate with mineral make-up, and requires brushing over the skin to apply. However, the website also states that it can be pressed into the skin with a powder puff for an ‘ultra-polished finish’.

Regarding ingredients, Titanium Dioxide again comes out as the main ingredient but in a higher percentage, at 7.8%. This would make it seem that this version is a bit more bright and youthful than Clinique, and this idea does fit with the brands images. Octinoxate is also present to address the sun protection issue that is part of everyday foundation use now.

Reviews are generally very good but not to the level of Clinique. Negatives seem to be concerning the colour being unnatural and the powder a little tricky to get out of the container, but these are minor irritations as opposed to overwhelming negatives.

Price wise, at £27.50, this is even higher than Clinique, so is another more extravagant purchase.

Urban Decay

With the tagline ‘Beauty with An Edge’, this is a make-up brand that is known to be contemporary. Funky packaging, clever product names and trend worthy colour ways make this a very appealing cosmetic line. Renowned for their ethical approach to animal testing and positively promoting which of its products are 100% vegan, this is a forward thinking brand.

urban-decayThe Surreal Skin Mineral Make-up comes in a small pot but is distinctive due to its sponge applicator. This gets mixed reviews on various websites. Ingredients consist again of Titanium Dioxide, but also Methylparaben, used as a preservative which is more of an unknown quantity in cosmetic use.

Reviews are mixed, with colour being a niggle as well as that sponge applicator.

Prices are around the £21 mark, so if you love your Urban Decay, it is unlikely the cost will deter you.


L’Oreal are quite literally the biggest cosmetics company in the world. Started in 1907 in Paris, it first existed to sell hair dye to Parisian hairdressers.

They are now responsible for brands such as Garnier, Vichy and Maybelline, to name but a few.

Their latest mineral make-up innovation is ‘True Match Minerals’, advertised in the UK by Cheryl Cole. Available in 12 shades, there should be one to suit your skin tone.Loreal_mineral

The pot comes with a clever inbuilt brush so the make-up is incredibly easy to apply. However, when it comes to ingredients, Titanium Dioxide weighs in at a higher level of 10%. This will provide a luminous finish, as well as having good sunscreen qualities.

This worthy specification, however, is not reflected in the cost, coming in at a very affordable £8. This shows the buying power of such a large company.

Reviews are positive and this is an attractive option but may not be ideal for those looking for genuine coverage, especially where there are imperfections you are looking to hide.



When it comes to serious Mineral make-up, then bareMinerals have been winning awards for years by the bucket load.

The brain child of Lesley Blodgett, she set out to put minerals at the heart of all her products, and as this was 1995, was ahead of the game.

p_mineral-make-up1_1517116cThe bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation is one of those wonder products that others can only aspire to. Prepare to be shocked, as the Titanium Dioxide level leaves others in its wake, at a massive 25% density. This proves the company’s dedication to skin, as it both ensures optimum sun protection, as well as being fully dedicated to refracting light away from skin imperfections. The science makes sense, and adds credibility to the company’s claims that it is the best there is.

It is no surprise that reviews are incredibly positive with little negative comment to be found.

What is a surprise, however, is the price point. Coming in at £25, it remains competitive despite the ingredients concentrations. As such, it appears to be a sound investment if you are looking for that ultimate flawless skin look.

We always love to hear your experiences, so use the space below to tell us your story.

Zara x

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