“Live well for less than you thought”

Whilst doing my usual round of grocery shopping and trying to get ahead of the ‘back to school’ game I stumbled on a couple of these gorgeous steals at Sainsbury’s! Yes, you know the supermarket. And those of you that are following me on Instagram will have already seen some of these bold print and striking geometric patterned clothes.

Last year, I loved those overgrown knitted Christmassy jumpers, but I wasn’t sure how I would pull it off. That is why when I saw this:



I knew I had to get it. And after trying it on…I didn’t care how much it cost! (*facepalm*). It suited me perfectly. Love it so much cos of the geometrics! And all I do is just slip it on and over anything – no buttons or zips and stays put. It’s great as a ‘carddy’ when popping down to the local shops and nice enough to wear for nights out. If you’re a jumper-junkie like me, it’s also going to be great as a throw-on for all them school runs. I can’t seem to find it online anywhere for me to share the link with you, but it’s an okayish £30.

Now, I’m not really a bargain hunter – but I do love it when things are relatively cheap and this Mustard Patterned Scarf was much to my surprise only £8!


Wear it as a neck scarf, head wrap or hijab – it’s an accessory that will go with most things in your closet.

They also have this Printed tunic, with pleated sleeve head and three quarter length sleeve and contrast print panel hem in a lovely blue as part of their Moroccan Tribal collection. Priced at £18, I was not unhappy. But I didn’t buy this as I didn’t really have time to try it on (impossible when you’re out with the kids) but I’m going back there in a few days to see if I love it enough to purchase. 


Not sure if summer has been and gone but it seems most places have already started stocking up their shelves and aisles for Autum/Winter. So if you are going out to do a spot of clothes shopping…then pop down to your nearest Sainsbury’s, you will not be disappointed. And as they put it “You can live well for less than you thought at Sainsbury’s”…!

As always, I love to hear your thoughts. Use the space below to let me know what you think.



Next time: The Handbag-Hoarder – Handbags I have and love to buy!



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