Get the juicy locks of a goddess with Entwine Couture…naturally


Oh how a head full of luscious shiny curls can brighten up a morning! There you are, standing in front of the mirror, perhaps still slightly half-asleep (it’s alright!), perhaps winking yourself good morning for looking so gorgeous again (you should!). And then you notice it – that’s some sexy hair! Defined! Bouncy! Radiant!

If you have curls, you know that this is enough to make you feel like Superwoman. If you can make your tresses look like that, no challenges will be left unconquered today! You smile as you get dressed (Superwoman’s outfit? Office suit? Jeans and T-shirt? Anything’s fit for a woman like you!), and start your day glowing like a true daughter of Mother Earth.

What would it be like to feel like a goddess every day?

You probably know that previous scenario well enough. But, you also know that on many mornings this is not the case. Dry thirsty curls that make you feel stranded in the Sahara desert, anyone? Crazy frizz that implies you might have just escaped from the zoo? It’s difficult to conquer a day which starts like that – I’ve been there enough times myself to know the dread!

And this is why it is important to have decent hair care products in your arsenal. Curly girls – we need the heavy weaponry to keep our tresses under control! Whatever the weather, no matter how we’ve spent the night before, we deserve to look like goddesses every morning. To look into the mirror, shake our fabulous curls, smile, and be confident with the way we look!

This is why I want to share my recent discovery with you – the hair care products of Entwine Couture. I’m not the only one who admires their consistency in controlling every lock – it seems like everyone is lusting after them.

A hair care brand that is hard-core when you need it

Now, if your hair is naturally dry and brittle, you will need deeply moisturizing hair care to keep it looking healthy and full of shine. Entwine Couture has designed products that make your tresses luxuriously juicy, and help to keep them that way even through styling and harmful effects of the environment.

Try this – “Indulgently Luxe” Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator provides a daily dose of hydration for natural and transitioning hair. You won’t need much to maintain a royally luxurious feel for the day. And did I mention protection from humidity? Through a kind of magic this product maintains its taming hold throughout the day.


Of course, then there’s the issue of controlling the hold of your locks… Entwine Couture has done a good job again, with products that provide definition and hold without feeling greasy.

Try this – “The Manipulator” Crème Jelle Styler  a multi-functional styling crème-gel that allows you to create, shape, hold and form any hairstyle. As a bonus you’ll get great curl definition, elongation and reduced frizz. Great for Wash-n-Go styles, or any kind of styling, really. Twist-outs, coils, rods – go for it! entwinemanipulatorl__73113.1375919650.1280.1280

Cruelty-free and natural care for people who want to love nature back

It always makes me happy when I know that the products I use on my body are natural and ethically made. Luckily, Entwine Couture is a brand that can be trusted – and their subtly aromatic products naturally make me smile. If you also “choose life over beauty” then you’ll be glad to know that their products are liberated from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum, while using natural butters and supple oils from around the world.

So, my dears, have you tried Entwine Couture products yet? Do you have any tips to share about using them? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Gorgeous,



Beauty by Zara was inspired by a mission to find reliable beauty solutions at affordable prices and sell them with supreme confidence and infectious enthusiasm. We first opened our London store in 2008, and its success encouraged us to take our knowledge, experience and personal know-how to a much bigger audience. You can connect with us on Twitter


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