Trends I’m Loving from the London Fashion Week Catwalk

With a new fashion season firmly on us, the shops are now full of the trends that will see us through those colder months. Following on from the London Fashion Week catwalks, the clothes trends, hair styles and make-up looks that we are now looking to emulate, are very much in evidence.

So if you want to be abreast of current fashion, just what should you be looking for in Autumn/Winter 2013?


There is a definite touch of the medieval about the current season, and if you like a flowing sleeve, then this is definitely the time to indulge your style preference.


London based designer Marios Schwab captured the look at London Fashion Week with a number of outfits, replicating the split sleeve design that a few designers went with in their collections. This versatile look is ideal for those who are conscious about a flabby arm or feel constrained by a longer sleeve.

The medieval look is also encapsulated by the current love of all things velvet.


This Alberta Ferreti dress combines the luxurious softness of velvet, the regal association with purple and shows that the most simplistic of designs can produce a stunning result.

When it comes to keeping warm, it is the cape that every fashion follower will be wearing this season. With a variety of lengths and material choices, you can show your sense of individual style at the same time as showing you are fashion aware.


L’Wren Scott’s catwalk included a stunning gold longer length cape that will attract admiring glances wherever you go as well as see you through from day to night with ease. Combined with matching pants, it provides a high fashion and youthful look.


Make-up has very much taken its influences from the Spring/Summer season, with adaptations to looks as opposed to dramatic changes.

Lip colours remain themed around the berry shades, and are still less shine and more matte, but take on an almost freshly blotted look.


The eyes remain smoky and smudged with eyebrows being allowed to dominate. The black eyeliner is a girl’s best friend, whether worn thick under the eye or thin over.


Nails are all about the bold, with the art of nail design continuing to evolve to mini pieces of expression. Whether free hand styled or wrapped, you can indulge whether for day or night.


Crimping is back, but don’t be afraid to go for the wild look.


Matching the make-up trend for looking unintentionally unkempt, big hair that looks in need of a brush is a trend worthy look.

To balance this out, glamorous and well look maintained, glossy hair gets a style tick. Super smooth and super shiny is back, so feel free to look like a hair advert’s dream model.


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