Bollywood’s Make-up Mantra

Bollywood has experienced a dramatic increase in worldwide popularity over the last decade, with one of the main reasons for this undoubtedly being the glamour and colour that make up the finished product. Part of that appeal is the immaculate beauty of the stars themselves that has us literally entranced at the flawless make-up looks.

And with Bollywood celebrating its centenary this year, just what are the looks that are inspiring the rest of the world at this current moment in time?

Flawless skin

When it comes to perfect skin, Bollywood stars demonstrate just how to do it. Actresses such as Aishwarya Rai look fresh and dewy with an enviable ease, and this look is still very much a make-up trend right now. With a flawless and even complexion, it is easy to build the strong colours of the eyes and replicate the exact shades desired.


A flawless complexion can be achieved quickly and easily with the use of a mineral foundation that covers imperfections in skin tone and texture without looking heavy and without clogging the pores. The powder form can transform skin almost instantly and a little goes a long way.

Colour Pop Eyes

Showing that Bollywood make-up trends are in line with the rest of the world, colour pop eyes are as big in Bollywood as they are elsewhere. Strong colours such as blue and green are not for blending in or shying away from, and instead depth and intensity are the name of the game.


Pinks and reds are also very strong colours for the eye in make-up this season, and it is very much the same in Bollywood.  Try combining with autumn golds and blending seamlessly in order to maintain the flawless look.


Strong brows

Bollywood make-up has always been about a defined brow, and it seems that the rest of the world has now caught up with the current trend for thicker and darker eyebrow definition.


Whereas the current look elsewhere is more about the untidy, almost uncared for look, Bollywood remains true to itself by keeping the look all about the immaculate. Emulate this look by growing your brows to their original state and then only plucking to keep a tidy line. Brush into shape and then use a strong brown or black brow pencil to enhance, not being afraid to go for strength of shade.


The flawless complexion that is associated with the Bollywood actress lends itself well to a full red lipstick. As such, the look never goes out of style, but in Autumn/Winter 2013, it is also a key look.


Whether as an actress on screen locking lips in one of those long passionate embraces that Bollywood is famous for, or as an off screen woman with her own sense of style and sensuality, red lipstick sets off the look to perfection.

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