10% off Entwine Naturalle Couture – Bring Sexy Back!

Does your hair seem lacking and in need of a pamper? Want a style worthy of Hollywood but end up with a complete mess?  Maybe it’s time to throw out your old faithfuls and try something completely new.


Entwine Couture is the first and only haute-couture salon professional hair care and styling products that not only oozes star quality but brings you the best in natural ingredients.  Beautifully packaged, and with names that sound so irresistible, this premier range of products leave your hair not only looking and feeling healthy but help create dramatic and sexy styles that won’t look out of place on the Red Carpet.  Their motto is

‘to provide women of colour choosing to wear their hair in its natural form a voice of inspiration, encouragement and confidence to take control and rule the world naturally.’

So for all you ladies out there who fall into the kinky, curly, wavy, coarse, or multi-textural category and have always wanted to just ‘go natural’ Entwine Couture could be the perfect answer.  Available in the UK exclusively at Beauty by Zara and with a 10% discount being offered on ALL Entwine Couture products until Christmas why not give your hair the star treatment it deserves.

Included in this one of a kind range is the Exotique leave-in hair rinse, a love potion that breathes life back into your hair, It Takes Two a two part duo that consists of a cleansing and growth lathering hair bathe that works with you hair’s natural oils to help maintain the pH balance and a hydrating and growth crème hair rinse that provides hydration to the max and a softness that lasts.  For those of you that like to experiment with your hair, On the Edge Holding & Molding Mudd not only nourishes your luscious locks but is ideal for keeping your stunning couture style in place, in control and perfectly defined.

A products that is fast becoming the one of the most popular is The Manipulator’ Crème Jelle Styler, a multi-functional styling crème-gel that is the perfect tool for creating a hairstyle that is a little bit special.  Also proving highly popular is The Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator, a smooth and perfectly blended whipped crème hydrator that has been artfully crafted with exotic natural butters and supple oils from around the world.  Use prior to blow-drying to help protect and moisturise as well as before styling to keep your hair hydrated and eliminate further dryness.

Can’t you just hear your hair crying out to be smothered in these tantalising crèmes or dressed to impress with a crowd stopping up-do?

Maybe you’d like to give someone else the star treatment and with less than 90 days to Christmas Entwine Couture have the perfect gift set – Beyond Expected Audition Collezioni that includes six fabulous Entwine Couture products.  All you need for fabulous hydration, growth protection, as well as divine curl elongation and definition and with a 10% discount, a wonderful present to be unwrapping.

Get 10% off ALL Entwine Couture products. Just Enter: fusionofcultures13 at checkout! 

Beauty by Zara was inspired by a mission to find reliable beauty solutions at affordable prices and sell them with supreme confidence and infectious enthusiasm. We first opened our London store in 2008, and its success encouraged us to take our knowledge, experience and personal know-how to a much bigger audience. You can connect with us now on Twitter


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