Dry Skin Rescue


My face has started to tell me that the winter season has arrived. Its been a week or so into the really cold weather her in the UK and I am slapping on all the dry skin products I have left over from the year before.

So as I stock up on my three trusted faves, I thought of sharing the moment of absolute adoration of my products with you.


Hands: The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector 

‘Hand’ seems to be in need of constant moisturisation (regardless of weather/season) and every year I have always trusted The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector to rescue them.  ‘Hand’ is nearly always in the sink whether it be washing up for the umpteenth time or sanitising it from the umpteenth nappy change. The cold weather is also unfavourable towards ‘hand’ so gloves are very essential (nuisance also in conjunction with operating a touch screen phone, finding oyster card at the bottom of handbag, handling coins etc.)

body_shop_hand_protectorI first bought this 5 or 6 years ago when a colleague recommended it to me after mistaking ‘hand’ for ‘cracked heel’ and have loved it forever since.

There’s generally positive reviews everywhere on the web so you do not have to take my word for it alone.

Some people say it’s a little on the expensive side, but I reckon it does such a smashing job that £10 for 100ml  is well worth the purchase.

Feet: Scholl’s Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser 

I always struggle to keep ‘feet’ in good condition, partly because they are very rarely visible (‘feet’ is usually in socks, slippers), and partly because ‘hand’ problem supersedes any other body problem.

At this time of the year Scholl Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser is what I use. Love the smell, feel and consistency of this. Like oils, a little goes a long way. It gets to work instantly and leaves my food soft and supple throughout the day. At £4.99 it’s dirt cheap and is sure to last you the whole season.


Face: Egyptian Magic Cream 

I’m madly in love with my all-purpose Egyptian Magic Cream. As well as being my face moisturiser, it’s also a great primer for foundation, brilliant on nappy rashes and even keeps stray hairs at bay! It really is ALL-PURPOSE. I like to use it before I go out and every night before bed. I have a detailed product review here.


We are currently dishing out samples with every order at Beauty by Zara, so if you have had one lately…tell us what you think!



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