Flavour of the Month: Mango

It is time I started trying the stuff on the shelves again…So…I’ve gone ‘Mango” this month (Just for the hell of it) and here are a few mango-containing beauty products  I tried…

Well, for my hair, Alba Botanica Mango Shampoo and Conditioner. They have been around since 1979, and these natural, 100% vegetarian personal care products are packed with potent natural, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish both your skin and hair whilst meeting your individual needs.

And a big reason I tried this brand in particular is because Alba Botanica’s mission is to Do Beautiful without causing any harm to the animals and Earth we all love. My kind of company!

Alba Botanica Mango Shampoo is a gentle botanical cleanser that lifts away heavy grime and dulling deposits naturally.  Packed with mango, papaya and a variety of tropical extracts that nourishes your hair leaving your luscious locks with a beautiful bounce and boosted volume.


I say: this is a lightweight shampoo so is ideal for daily use, it’s not too drying (scalp) , but I am not convinced of the ‘body-building effect’ it claims.

Alba Botanica Mango Conditioner is full of exotic extracts and weightless tropical oils that can nourish even the most  over-processed hair.  A perfect balance of softness, volume and weightlessness with a scent that is delicious without being too overpowering.


I say: This is a gentle conditioner (when you can squeeze it out of the damn bottle), yes it does smell great, but I don’t think it is a moisturising as I would like for my wavy hair. It’s not great at detanglingeither. But does leave hair smelling yummy!!

Overall, I think it is average, and good for the price for something to use on a daily basis. So if you would like to try and give your hair some”Big Island Beauty” or just a much needed vacation from flattening sulphates and heavy minerals then you can find both are available in a 12oz bottle for just £6.29 at Beauty by Zara.

Beauty by Zara was inspired by a mission to find reliable beauty solutions at affordable prices and sell them with supreme confidence and infectious enthusiasm. We first opened our London store in 2008, and its success encouraged us to take our knowledge, experience and personal know-how to a much bigger audience. You can connect with us now on Twitter


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