A Guest Post: 2Chic or not 2Chic By Maria Tumolo

My hair has changed over the years. I’ve noticed every time I cut it very short it regrows thinner and a bit straighter. I’ve been wearing my hair natural for four years; this is my second time as a naturalista.  I’ve had two TWAs (teeny weeny afro) within the last 14 years. Due to postpartum shedding from two pregnancies, as well as my hair’s penchant to get thinner after a short cut, my is the thinnest it’s ever been.  Prior to using Giovanni’s 2Chic Tangerine & Papaya Butter Ultra-Volume range, I’ve only used one other brand. My usual brand makes my hair look and feel great but the volume remains was unchanged. Using Giovanni’s Tangerine & Papaya Butter Ultra-Volume range increased my hair volume when used but I did experience shrinkage.

Zara of Beauty by Zara  offered me the opportunity to trial and review Giovanni’s 2 Chic Tangerine & Papaya Butter Ultra-Volume range and I accepted.  I was curious to see whether or not the range would live up to its claims. I am happy to report that overall I am happy with range. It does what it says. They don’t have any parabens, lauryl or laureth sulphate. They have 100% vegetarian ingredients and were not animal tested. The fragrance is mild fruity and uplifting. I used the shampoo, conditioner and amplifying styling gel twice, for my trial.

Here are my results:

Trial 1- I used the products totally as advised in the directions. The shampoo is runny but coats hair and lathers well. After two wash and rinses my hair still felt soft and moisturized. No crunchiness. The conditioner is rich but has good slip which made detangling quick and easy. I really loved that product.


My hair felt so soft, silky and bouncy.  The gel is light and was easy to spread all over my hair.  It gives a light hold and shine. I was happy with the combined results of the products. My curls were well defined with no frizz but the styling gel made my hair a little dry and crunchy once my wash-n-go styling had totally air-dried. I did spritz a mist of light hair oil and this improved the feel of my hair. I experienced shrinkage but I’m not bothered by that at all.

styling trial 1_1

Trial 2- On this occasion, I went through the process of my regular hair washday regime. Therefore, I included other products alongside the 2Chic products. I used the 2Chic shampoo and conditioner, followed by a leave-in-conditioner and organic oil then I applied the 2Chic amplifying styling gel. I two-strand twisted my hair, and then half dried it with a hair-dryer. I was happier with the results on the second trial. My hair had no frizz which normally happens when I style my hair in a two-strand twist-out. However, my hair was still little bit crunchy but even less than the first time. Once again I spritzed a light hair oil and my hair this took away the crunchiness.

styling trial2_1


I should mention that I recently colour treated my hair and the Giovanni 2Chic Tangerine & Papaya Butter Ultra-Volume range isn’t made for colour-treated or damaged hair. I don’t know whether or not the fact that my hair is colour-treated impacted on how the gel worked for me. However, I really like the range. It made my hair fuller, super, silky, soft, and manageable with a wonderful! Every whiff made me smile. If you have fine natural hair that’s not colour-treated or damaged, I’d suggest trying the shampoo and conditioner. Depending on your hair texture and how you like to style you hair you may want to try another type of styling product or a combination of them from the range. 2Chic also has a leave-in-elixir and a mousse. All the products RRP £8.99. It’s not cheap but affordable. Depending on the length of your hair and of often you wash it, you could get at least one month’s use from the products. Not bad value for products that do what they promise, I think. It’s 2Chic.


About Author

My name is Maria Tumolo. I’m an expat and older stay-at-home-mum, originally from Trinidad, West Indies. I currently live in the Greater London, England. I write for my blog The Tiger Tales. The blog is named in honour of my first child, Angelo. He is part Chinese and was born November 2010, the Chinese Year of the Tiger. The topics I cover range from how I engage him in early years learning, our family’s mixed cultural experiences, his relationship with his toddler sister, Valentina, to hair, beauty and fashion. I also enjoy writing product reviews and guest posts for other blogs.



  1. Hi Maria thanks for sharing the review, I’m transitioning at the moment for the first time. I will not lie, it has been really hard, most days I feel like going back to a relaxer, but I remember how dry, britle and the amounts of shedding I had before, so I’m determine to stick with the natural process. I have 3c/3b hair and it’s extremely fine hair, I must say thank goodness for Beauty by Zara as I get all the products I need from them, and now they have the KBB line which I have tried the leave in and my hair loves it. My hair likes all the lighter products, I have not tried the Giovanni line yet, but after swing your results I’ll give it a go cheers Rita


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