The true beauty of Belle


Belle is an epic period drama following the true story of Dido Belle, a mixed- race daughter of a Royal Navy officer. She is brought to 18th century England to be cared for by her uncle. Against the restraints of the time she is raised an aristocrat alongside her cousin Elizabeth.

I don’t think Belle has received enough of the hype it deserves. I think the stunning Gugu Mbatha Raw will win hearts, in the same way Lupita Nyong’o did with her harrowing performance in 12 Years A Slave.

Whilst the film delivers all the surface beauty expected from a period drama, the allure of this beautiful movie runs much deeper. Whilst Gugu Mbatha Raw is inarguably radiant as Dido Belle, the belief that love can break all the rules and set people free indeed becomes more attractive.


After playing minor parts in various TV series Gugu Mbatha-Raw has quickly become a red carpet regular. Frequently embracing her natural curls, Gugu Mbatha Raw also likes to mix it up, switching from curls, updos, and sleek tresses- and that’s just in one day!

She definitely has the Hollywood looks and as the fashion mags start to take note of her style. It is only a matter of time before everyone else wants to- “get her look”.

In the midst of wars, famines and poverty the world of celebrity seems more than just a little frivolous. The hits and misses of red carpet fashion pale in comparison to the problems in Syria, Iraq, and so on. However, in a turbulent world we can be forgiven for indulging in a little red carpet glamour from time to time. Sometimes it can be just the tonic we need….And Belle-The Movie was indeed one of those such tonics. Belle gives us the faith and belief that the world is changeable, ideas can be challenged and that people of all race and religion can live together in peace.

What could be more beautiful than that?



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