Keep your mane looking fly healthy and fierce this summer

by Natasha Ferguson

We love this time of year. The summer clothes burst onto the wardrobe scene. When it comes to reflecting our personality, which makes us unique to us, our hair rocks! And in it becoming so, being experimental is essential.

Here, I have put together a few tips and some of my staples and favourite products as a template that you can personalise and make work for you.

  1. Invest In some Great Hair Tools

Like all great hairstyles, there are the essential items that bring it to life. Whether you’re a pro and use your fingers as your comb, or whether your just starting out then your must haves in your hair kit includes a wide tooth comb, a soft brush (to help control your edges) and a detangling brush.

  1. Keep It Clean So It Doesn’t Get Mean

With day to day styling amongst occasions, for that amazing hair you’ll need clean hair. Product build up weighs down your kinks and curls and can also cause those little spots around the edges of your face which is a telling sign. My favourites at the moment for a Co Wash are the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser and Camille Rose Caramel Co Wash. Both smell great, are lightweight and rich as they are wholesome products so less is more. If I need to shampoo then Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream Shampoo completely removes the build up in my hair naturally. TIP: Don’t forget to detangle throughout the process otherwise you’ll end up spending more time then you need going over it again!





  1. Hydrate, Moisturise or Butter Your Hair With Care

The sun is really beneficial for our hair at this time of year. And a great way to maximise that is finding what oils, butters or moisturiser works for you. I have to say that for twist outs and defining curl styles Entwine Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator is wonderful for keeping your hair looking and feeling moisturised and defined without weighing it down. ShyMiah Rosehip Serum and Lush moisturisers provide versatility as they are light enough to use daily to maintain the hair from going dry and frizzy.  One of my staple hair gloss must haves is E’tae Carmelux Hair Gloss. With bergamot and clary sage not only does it strengthen, but penetrates into the hair follicles and doesn’t leave an oily residue.




  1. Night Night Sleep Tight

Whether you twist plait, pull it back in one or high up in a pony, it’s so important to invest in your hair at night. Silk or satin scarves, bonnets or a pillowcase will help prevent dried out hair in the morning. Why? Well with the other material headscarves, are not as supportive of retaining the hair’s oils and moisture when sleeping. So by using a softer material like silk or satin to protect your mane, not only does the quality help retain moisture to the hair, but acts as a barrier to not waking up to a tangled bomb site in the morning.

  1. Take The Time To Care for Your Hair Daily

Give yourself at least 5- 15mins a day to pamper and love your mane. Getting ready in the morning or evening is paramount to make yourself known through what you wear. And it should be the same for your hair too. It’s necessary to give your hair whatever it needs before you start your day. So if your edges need a touch up, revitalising your kinks and curls to keep your hair looking fabulous, allow that time in the day to become a routine. You’ll see the benefits and you also become more knowledgeable and understand why your hair is unique to you, which could also be an inspiration to others.

About The Author

Hi, my name is Natasha. I am a vibrant kinks and curls naturale. As a Freelance Journalist, Editor in Chief of Urban Gospel magazine 2BReal and Mother, I believe in being bold in finding who you were created to become, emphasises why finding our purpose in life is so important.


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