Going coco loco for Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment

by Maria Tumolo 

Coming from the Caribbean, the coconut is precious to me.  It’s in my food and beverage, it’s on my skin and in my hair. Living in England, finding a fresh AND tasty coconut is rare. I’m told by my elders that the phosphorous has several health benefits. No scientific report, but my mum also told me it’s also good for pregnant women and the foetus.  In the summer of 2012 I drank three and ate the jelly in rapid cessation, when I was pregnant with my second baby. It’s so refreshing and hydrating. The taste was divine, like an elixir from the gods. Yes, I’m passionate about a coconut. Naturally, when I read that one of my favourite natural hair brands, Camille Rose Naturals, had a product that contains coconut water as one of its ingredients I was intrigued.  I used the Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment on two consecutive weekend washdays and found it to be a good product.



The Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment is, to quote the brand a ‘concentrated rinse-out conditioner for silky, for hair’. I used the treatment in conjunction with my staple washday products.  It’s hard to gage for certain whether or not the other products influenced the end results I had but I’m happy. The fragrance of the treatment is mild and coconutty but not like fresh coconut. The consistency is very rich and creamy but sort of dry if that makes any sense. The product doesn’t give any instructions for use. I contacted the brand via social media and was advised to use heat for 30 minutes for best results. I always apply my conditioners and treatments to lightly towel-dried hair and I did so with this one. Upon application my hair was well-coated but I felt that the product didn’t have enough slip. I didn’t detangle at this stage as I normally would do. I left the treatment on for 45 minutes with my cordless thermal heat wrap, then I rinsed. My hair felt soft, fortified but not that silky.  I detangled my hair after the product was rinsed out.  Then followed my usual steps to apply applying a leave in conditioner, sealing the moisture in with oil and applying my styling product and twisted my hair to dry. Once my hair was dry I untwisted my hair the following day. My hair felt light, bouncy, and super soft and moisturised which doesn’t always happen after washday, since I’ve colour treated my hair.

Camille Rose Trial

On the second trial I followed the same procedure starting with a pre-shampoo treatment with coconut oil except I didn’t use a heat wrap. I wrapped my hair with saran wrap and allowed my natural body heat to help the treatment do its job. I left it in for an hour then rinsed.  After rinsing I detangled. On this occasion, I noticed that my detangled towel dried hair looked less full. The strands seemed a bit straighter and smoother. Additionally, my hair felt soft, fortified but not that moisturized with a slight crunch VERY slight. I think the crunch comes from the fact the hair is less silky after the treatment when in comparison to others I’ve used.  However, once gain once my was dry and untwisted it looked amazing, shiny bouncy and soft.

The Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment is not specifically for colour treated hair as mine is. However, I thought it worked amazingly well in conjunction with my staples. I think it should give good results to any natural hair texture. Although I must highlight, on both occasions I did pre-treat my hair with oil before shampooing etc.  The product is not on the cheap it RRP at £19.99. However, I think for something that works it’s good to purchase as treat and use when your hair needs a little something extra. Because it’s so rich depending on how long and thick your hair is you could easily get up to six treatments from it. My hair is thin and shoulder length and after two uses still have more than half a jar left of the product. The first four ingredients listed are:  Ionized water, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Water), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower Seed) Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, the latter of which is a mild detangling agent according to my quick online search. See this link: http://www.naturalwellbeing.com/learning-center/Behetrimorium_Methosulfate .  Notably, the pretty but more importantly the font style and size are clear and although it doesn’t have direction on it the product description all other texts clearly legible and I truly appreciate that. I would recommend this product to my curl friends.

 About the Author

I’m a full time stay at home older mum and blogger. My blog is called The Tiger Tales, it covers lifestyle, education, food, beauty and just about anything that has an impact on me and my mixed heritage family.



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