Karen’s Body Beautiful Lavender and Vanilla Hair Care Range Review

Now many may ask why is a hair care range called Karen’s Body Beautiful? Well that’s because Karen Tappin didn’t start her entrepreneurial business with hair, the US phenomenon started with natural spa and body care products, that within a few years avalanched her into her successful hair range. And since then she has gone to become a worldwide favourite in creating an all-natural brand aiming to eliminate all forms of preservatives and other non-natural chemicals.



I was excited to get my hands on the Lavender and Vanilla range that I tried out a couple of weeks ago. My hair has been through the mill this summer. So this was the perfect time to test out Karen’s while restoring my mane. Let’s begin with the Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo. For me this was an essential way to condition my hair while cleansing it. Washing my hair in four sections the appreciation of the two in one duo, was quickly noticed. It lathered up once the product connected with my hair, and had the right balance of suds and slip for me to get right into my scalp and roots. I was most impressed that after two washes my hair didn’t feel stripped and completely dry. And as a bonus the scent kicks in after you’ve rinsed the hair and made my kinks clean and defined with a nice shine.

Detangling each section, I then went on to use the Luscious Locks Hair Mask Deep Conditioning Treatment. This thick but light between the fingers product is not scented with lavender and vanilla fragrance. The concentration of the vegetable wax, agave and aloe butter created a nutritious protective balm over my roots and ends. This is where I was able to take my time and apply it well into my hair as my locks are quite thick. Pre sectioning my hair allowed me to massage the roots and with my fingers comb through to the ends. The excess I combed out was able to go right back in and catch all the nape hairs I missed. I tie up my hair in a plastic bag then wrap it with a towel for about 25 minutes.

Rinsing out the deep treatment took no time at all, and left my hair feeling alive again! When it comes to sun and heat damage, you can’t take your hair for granted, I was glad to see that the hair mask did exactly what it said it would do. This made me smile as I could glide my fingers through healthy hair which felt like it had a summer jacket of oils and goodness on.

I decided to try the flat twist with the Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil. With a lot of styling gels they either are too runny to stiff or too sticky. I style my hair wet and as you go through each section, some parts begin to dry before others. This can also have an effect on the finished look dependent on your hair. Karen’s has found a great balance in regards to texture and consistency of this gel. And fall in love with the organic and entrancing fragrance all over again as once fully dried, your left with a firm hold on your favourite hair style. I would recommend using the gel for special occasions. If you need to smooth fly away edges or a bun this would be ideal to set it with. Daily once it’s set, it could be a challenge to create your desired look, dependent on how you maintain your hair.

Karen’s is an affordable range for the growing in confidence naturalista. Karen’s is marketed to attract the thick curly kinky girls. For me and my mane, I was pleased with the outcome and the effect of the entire line used. I regained softness from the shampoo, elasticity bounce and definition from the deep treatment hair mask, and the styling gel provided me with ultimate hold and volume for my big day out.

Karen you have becoming deserving of a place in my bathroom and for the beautiful lavender and vanilla range I give you a: 8.5/10  

by Natasha Ferguson

Natasha Ferguson

Lover of God’s love. Mother. Wife. Editor in Chief of new Urban Online Gospel Magazine 2BReal, PA & Freelance Journalist.



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