It’s cold outside. Time to protect your hair.

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by Natasha Ferguson

As the winter season lingers; the weather not only affects our day, our mood and our future plans; but also are hair too. There are many different types of styles you can use over the upcoming months. They keep you from adding extra tension to the hair by pulling styling and brushing and allowing the scalp to breath and grow. Below I have listed some protective hair styles that are not just beneficial but make you look good as well.

The High Bun

1-The hair is pulled into a high bun

2-The ends are pinned and tucked in; or you have the option of using the doughnut for creating a more firm and formal bun. For a more natural look I fan out my ends to get an even shape right the way round. I then wrap my hand around the loose hair depending on how high I want the bun; then with my other hand use a hair band and secure the bun.

3-Depending on your desired finish you can use colourful headscarves and headbands to give this look some life and to add your personality.

Box Braids

Janet Jackson gave life to her famous box braids in Poetic Justice, and now they are a staple hair style amongst all women. The best way enjoy your braids for a little while is to maintain it. To refrain from hair damage and thinning at the front try not to get;

  • Not too small or not to big as this will either pull on every hair strand unnecessarily; or if it too big the weight will pull on your hair which can create breakage and make it uncomfortable to wear.
  • Find a colour that suits adventurous.
  • Know when to oil your scalp. Also find a good braid spray that can condition the hair and your own.
  • Braids can be washed. Have someone help you do this or head to your hairdresser where it can also be dried properly.
  • Love it right and tie it at night. It helps reduces the front hairs from frizzing and becoming troublesome in the morning.

Cornrow Hairstyles

The cornrow has never gone out of style. From children to adults, it is one of the most popular hair styles to date that evolve through expression and creativity from the stylist. If you want to just have your own hair out of the way then for a while this is a low maintenance way to go about it.


From Havanna to Senegal to Bob Marley the twist hairstyle is another also popular and a favourite style that has created. There the sister to the box braids however much softer. In all sizes look and see if what you would prefer then get experimenting!

Up Do’s

Up do’s are the sophisticated way to go out for a night on the town or for dinner. Whether with or without cornrows they provide the protection that your ends require and have you looking amazing. From sleek beehives to romantic curls your look can be become as regal or you please.

updo3 updo2 updo

So there you have it. Wear it your way. And keep your hair healthy while doing it as you look fabulous. We all are!


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