Curls In-Store Hair Event 2015

​Essex was buzzing last Saturday afternoon, as a bunch of eccentric naturalistas made there to Beauty By Zara’s new store for the US brand Curls event. Hosted by the girls from the Curls team, UK hair bloggers along the likes of Fro Girl Ginny, ​
Curly Girl Shannon and ​London Curls the store was filled with women who love all things natural.
The goodie bags and bubbly had women talking to each other about the one thing that we all had in common: curly, beautiful volumised natural hair.
The Curls girls bought their A game, with advice, tips and recommendations to the ladies about the brand and how the products would moisturise, restore and enhance their mane. The sample giveaway  as always was a nice way to try before you buy, and those who had previously used the products before, were able to restock by picking up a few pieces from the Beauty By Zara shelves.
The Q&A session allowed the hair bloggers to answer some intriguing questions on daily routines, maintenance to keeping your mane fabulous, as well as being able to take a few selfies and mingling with other naturalista’s.


Overall the Curls event was a success, and was a new and innovative way to host an event within a hair store. It worked really well, by also allowing women to stock up on hair and beauty essentials. This style of event could be one to look out for, as Beauty By Zara seems to have started a new trend that could become the new way to network and shop at the same time.


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