Curls Go Ping and Pop with Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker

by Maria Tumolo

I don’t really like using hair gels. On special occasions I may use an edge tamer gel for a pony tail updo. I prefer styling creams but last year I discovered a few gels that work well on my curls without the crunchy or clammy feeling. I’ve been hearing and seeing good things about Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker, since it burst onto the natural hair scene several months ago. Camille Rose is a brand that I LOVE! To date, I’ve not been disappointed by any of their products. I recently trialled the Curl Maker. From my experience, the hype has with merit. Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker will give you enviable popping curls.

I tend to wash my hair on weekends, I used the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker for two consecutive weekend hair washes. Here are my results:

Trial 1: I washed and conditioned my hair with of my staple products then I applied Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment and followed up with the Curl Maker gel. I applied the gel to my wet hair. Then I diffused my hair. My curls were well defined, bouncy, shiny and full. The curls lasted until the following wash day. Although, mid-week I applied one of my usual hair oils to my scalp and little to my hair as usual. On a couple occasions during the week, I also lightly re-applied some of the Curl Maker to parts of my dry hair that had become a bit fizzy. (I don’t always put away my curls properly at night). Even on dry hair there was no crunch just soft luscious curls, with no frizz. However, I would not suggest doing this more than a couple times, because the gel is meant to be used on wet hair. At least dampen hair to restyle during the week if necessary.

Trial 2: I washed and conditioned my hair my favourite curl cleanser and conditioner. I then applied the Curl Maker to lightly towel dried hair and I followed up with a hair butter. To style, flat-twisted my hair, then blow dried it. When my hair was dry, I untwisted it and styled it in a twist out. My curls we loser because of the flat-twist but they we still well defined with minimum frizz. On the night of day 2, I loosely retwisted my hair with a hair butter and applied a small amount of the gel in the morning. I did this because my hair is colour treated and tends to dry out easily. When I untwisted my hair in the morning it was slightly frizzy, so, I put a little more gel.

Curl Maker Trial

I preferred the results from Trial 1. It had nothing to do with the product only the styling method. Overall, I’m totally happy with the results from the Curl Maker. I believe it should work for most natural hair curl types. However, coarser curl types should try setting the curl by twisting the hair. Braid outs should last even longer, but curls must tucked away at night by ‘pineappling’ the hair to the crown of the head.

I love the packaging of the Curl Maker. It’s pretty and girly. You get a sense that it’s fun playful product. Feel encouraged to enjoy your curls. Play with it. The font is easy to read and the product instructions are clear straight-forward to follow. The first five ingredients listed in the Curl Maker are: Dionized water, pectin, coco nucifera(coconut )oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, panthenol. Other ingredients shown at the front of the bottle are: pomegranate seed oil, marshmallow and agrave leaf extracts. A bottle 12oz RRP £21. So, it’s not cheap but it delivers on its promises and that to a naturalista seeking curl perfection is worth its weight in gold. Depending on length, thickness and how often you use the gel it should last you 6-8 weeks at least. I would certainly recommend this products. Spring in the air and Curl Maker will make wash and go styles pop in the sunshine.

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I am a Trinidadian born Surrey based stay at home mum, blogger and aspiring children books writer. My blog is The Tiger Tales and it explores topics such: as parenting as an expat, family experiences as a mixed heritage family, fashion, food and beauty. You can find me on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest


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