Upcoming Event:Kidz Curlz Natural Hair Pagent- Saturday June 27th @ UK Centre For Carnival Arts- Luton


Now children’s pageant was one thing but who knew that there was a natural hair pageant for beautiful young ethnic girls to take part in?

The Natural Hair Network and Heritage Promotion are proud to present the Kidz Curlz 2015 Natural hair agent. In association with spreading the word about sickle cell, this unique event is taking place at the UK Centre For Carnival Arts next week Saturday. This event is an exceptional and creative way to teach the younger generation to appreciate and embrace their natural kinks and coils that they were born with, and to be bold in expressing their definition of beauty by taking to the catwalk.

In today’s society, the media image that represents the ethnic minorities on an advertising scale do not have the balance to represent the diverse  culture in the UK. It is very rare that you see children of different nationalities in advertisements, voice overs and on national television that so many of us as parents allow them to watch, where they may see only one or two characters that they can relate to from an external perspective.

So we are excited to know that this event is going to not only showcase the upcoming generations as the beautiful and unique creations that they are, but he fashion & talent show will see girls from age 4-16 showcasing how beautiful natural hair is, which we hope boosts confidence and raises awareness that no matter what you look like from skin to hair, beauty in everybody shines from the inside out.

Tickets are still available for the event, where there will also be guest singers, and activist speakers on Sickle Cell Awareness as well as donations for the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group in Luton.

So if your in Luton, be sure to support the cause that we hope makes it’s way to London next year!


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