Upcoming Event: Ayamour DIY Hair Styling July Workshops @ Saturday 18th July Birmingham Crowne Plaza Hotel



braids_twistsCalling all naturalista’s who need a little help from their friends!

Diving into the natural hair world is no joke. Deciding on going back to your roots, and even through the transition period, the reality of what you are going back to only becomes real when you have to start creating hairstyles that you can work with on a regular basis.  It takes time dedication and perseverance to retrain your mind about how to treat and maintain your new kinky coils. And when you have a busy day or week which may include work, studies, running a business or tending to children, learning how to bantu knot or perfect a twist out with your favourite styling product takes time out of the day that you don’t have.

Well help is here!

The ladies at Ayamour are running a July workshop at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham where for beginners you can learn to twist and style and for those women who have left the novice line, the DIY hairstyling session will be just what you need to take your skills to the next level. With both workshops taking place on Saturday the 18th of July starting at 10am, each session will be an in-depth few hours where provided with tools, you will learn all the basic and most popular hair styles that you can take home and make your own. With tips and inspirations given throughout the day as well as you having a go to recreate some designs, why not take a few friends and family along and make a day of it where you then can come home and trade skills learnt!


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