Top Five Summer Styles For Caucasian Hair


With summer now in full effect in the UK check out our top five favourite summer hairstyles that you can recreate to make your own. Whether you are  hitting the festivals or a day out with friends, or if you are heading out for the night or on a date, all these styles are just what you need to enjoy the summer months with as they are fun and easy to recreate.

1- The Pony- The classic and easiest hair style to create within a matter of minutes. After a wash and condition, be sure to minimise towel drying to avoid frizz. Then using your favourite styling cream apply a small amount to your hair to blow-dry. Once secured to your desired length, for a catwalk matte finish add a dry shampoo to the ends of the hair for volume. We love the Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo which smells like grapefruits and limes.


2- Braid It Up- Whether you choose a traditional plait a french or fishbone plait, you will already be on trend as this look is sweeping the nation at festivals for that boho chic look. If you decide to go with a middle or side parting, be sure that before you braid you deep condition your ends to have them looking healthy. Once your chosen plait is in, the Keracare Silken Seal Sheen Spray is ideal way to add shine moisture and a nice gloss to the look.


3- The Updo- This style is great for short hair and dependent on your personality adds character. Make sure you have a good handful of bobby pins, and a bottle of L’oreal Professionnel Serie Pro Keratin Blow Dry Cream to hand to add volume into your blowdried roots, which will give flat edges. Then it is a simple case of taking small sections and twisting them towards the back and pinning. For formal occasions the neater and more uniformed the better, and for the “I’m not trying” look then leave some loose ends out.


4- Wash and Go- This is for every woman that gets on the train with wet hair. This is a quick and easy way to vamp up your “wet” look in the morning. If you wash your hair everyday, try a gentle shampoo and a moisturising conditioner like the Moroccan Oil Moisture Conditioner. This will coat and restore the oils lost from the hair and prepare it for the styling cream. Once the conditioner has been applied, simply run a straightening/styling cream throughout your hair and either scrunch for curls or leave to air dry for straighter hair. This makes getting out in a hurry a more fabulous way to do so.


5- Natural Curls- If you have fine medium or thicker hair then this style is a win all round as it will always hold definition and volume. If you want to loosen your natural curls then take a wide tooth comb with some mousse and create your ideal curls. And for those adding curls, if you take medium sections of hair and loosely wrap them around a large barrel curling iron that should do the trick to revealing those “I woke up like this curls”. Remember because the curls are “natural” avoid doing the entire head. Once complete, flip and use your favourite hair spray like the Giovanni 2Chic  Dual Action Leave In Spray  to complete, which also works amazing on heated styles.



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