Upcoming Event: Curly Hair Magazine Launch- Tuesday 28th July @ The Grace Bar

We are so excited for the launch of the 1st ever natural hair publication titled: Curly Hair Magazine. This new natural hair and beauty publication are hosting their launch party for the very 1st edition on the 28th of July to celebrate and provide a platform where all things natural can be found in one place. The aim of the magazine is to help educate and share knowledge with women about natural hair throughout the UK. Whether you wear protective styles or not, Curly Hair Magazine will be the place to come in order to find how best to look after your natural hair.

curly_hair_magazineWith an increasing amount of women who are natural all over the world, they have all found ways to share their journeys via YouTube and other social media platforms. However as we all know, no matter how much you can watch videos some important information may still be missed as you just can’t catch it all. And that is where the Curly Hair Magazine comes in. This new print magazine is to make finding out what you need to know more accessible. Going beyond just hair and sharing a lifestyle that can be shared throughout generations.

It’s amazing to see this type of publication hitting the market so be sure to show your support by ordering a free ticket and heading down to The Grace Bar later on this month, where the fun will be kicking off from 5pm onwards.


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