Upcoming Event: Curlvolution Curltalk & Cocktails Saturday 15th August @ The Roof Top Bar


If you did not get a chance to come down to the Curlvolution Natural Hair and Beauty Show that took place in May of this year, here is another chance to come down and hang out with some of the Curlvolution family while sipping on cocktails this Saturday.

Taking place at The Roof Top Bar in St Paul’s from 12 pm onwards,  be sure to come and indulge in some girl talk /curl talk and delicious canapés and cocktails while you soak up the stunning views. The sponsors of the event include Palmers, Fashion Fair and ORS which means there will be luscious goody bags being given away filled with lots of your usual favourites as well as some new products to try out.

Tickets are limited, however you can find them on Eventbrite where they are doing a special offer for groups of three, so why not bring some friends along and split the cost!


Upcoming Event: Are you Going To Camberwell Fair? Saturday 25th July On Camberwell Green


Who doesn’t love a free event, especially now that the summer holidays have begun?

Camberwell Fair 2015 will be a celebration of Camberwell’s music, people and culture. Based in the heart of South London, Camberwell which is a stone throw away from Brixton is known for it’s vibrant atmosphere, diverse residents visitors and community that have made the inner city district come alive in development throughout the decades.

Here’s some history for you; There was a Fair on Camberwell Green from 1279 to 1855, and the 2015 Camberwell Fair is the first in this century so it’s definitely a good way to come out and enjoy the festivities and celebrations as the tradition has new life breathed into it with the new faces of Camberwell.

And the best part of it all; families are welcome and it is free entry for all! There’ll be two music stages, dance workshops, games, pop-up stalls run by local Camberwell businesses, food, drinks and an amazing farmers market. So be sure to carry a shopping bag as you will definitely be going home with some goodies to enjoy. And also remember Beauty By Zara is only a bus ride away on Walworth road, so if your coming from a distance and are in need of some hair products, be sure to stop by!

Starting at 12pm be sure to register for a free ticket.  Or if you want to get priority queuing and become a member of this year’s fair to show your support for the event, then be sure to click the link above where not only do you get a free cocktail on arrival for all members, but there are also loads of other goodies awaiting you throughout the day, as well as the feel good feeling that you have contributed in making this free event a great event.

Upcoming Event: Make Up Master Class With Tope Beesley- Sunday 19th July @Beauty and Melody Salon


Founder of natural hair and skincare range Mahogany Naturals, Tope Beesley is branching our multi talented skills and now preparing you for a masterclass in make up with her for a day. As an award winning healthy haircare stylist; who specialises in afro hair, Tope created her brand based her own children who are from a mixed heritage, to not only create hair products and a beautiful skincare line for both children and adults to use,  but to bring an understanding and awareness on kinky coily hair, where you not only learn how to maintain your hair but also ding it in the right way for your family as well.

And now for day only on Sunday the 19th of July, she will be bringing you a fun packed day on how to apply perfect, flawless makeup for any occasion. Using her models, the day will include how to build your makeup kit, how to highlight and contour, how to make your face look slimmer with makeup and how to make your makeup last all day and night alongside so much more beauty tips for your lips, eyebrows and colours that compliment your skin tones. As well as complementary refreshments throughout the evening, be sure to bring your own makeup kit so that you will be able to follow along in the live tutorials.

Taking place next Sunday at the Beauty and Melody salon, the event has a 6pm start. So make sure you secure you seat for what will be an exciting event over on Eventbrite now.


Upcoming Event: Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin and Hair- Saturday 22nd July @ Tuttons Covent Garden

susan tomlinson

Susan Tomlinson, coach and founder and CEO of Real Coaching  Solutions will be hosting the perfect event that has come just in time for the summer months. Essential oils can play a significant role in skin and hair care.  They have so many uses in so many different ways, that lead to many benefits we don’t realise we have in our very home. Oils aid natural healing, can deal with a range of skin, nail and hair conditions, as well as being able to nourish, soften and heal the hair and skin.

We apply so many different products to our skin, that in the natural community people say “whatever you use on your hair, you should be able to use on your skin” which we at Beauty By Zara believe is true. And by applying specific oils that work for you into a daily routine to support yours and your families skin and  hair, Susan has created The Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin and Hair event to show you how you can apply that method.

On Wednesday 22 July 2015 starting at 3.00 pm if you head on down to Tuttons in Covent Garden you will be able to discover the best oils that can sooth and smooth skin and hair. Tickets for this event can be purchased on Eventbrite, and it’s an outing for everyone in the family to come on down to, so be sure to bring your friends and their families as well.

Upcoming Event: Curly Hair Magazine Launch- Tuesday 28th July @ The Grace Bar

We are so excited for the launch of the 1st ever natural hair publication titled: Curly Hair Magazine. This new natural hair and beauty publication are hosting their launch party for the very 1st edition on the 28th of July to celebrate and provide a platform where all things natural can be found in one place. The aim of the magazine is to help educate and share knowledge with women about natural hair throughout the UK. Whether you wear protective styles or not, Curly Hair Magazine will be the place to come in order to find how best to look after your natural hair.

curly_hair_magazineWith an increasing amount of women who are natural all over the world, they have all found ways to share their journeys via YouTube and other social media platforms. However as we all know, no matter how much you can watch videos some important information may still be missed as you just can’t catch it all. And that is where the Curly Hair Magazine comes in. This new print magazine is to make finding out what you need to know more accessible. Going beyond just hair and sharing a lifestyle that can be shared throughout generations.

It’s amazing to see this type of publication hitting the market so be sure to show your support by ordering a free ticket and heading down to The Grace Bar later on this month, where the fun will be kicking off from 5pm onwards.

Upcoming Event: Make Up Masterclass- Saturday 18th July @ Docklands Holiday Inn

11412443_10206952660035665_7588441418307608855_nThe people at Rayjeweled Beauty are bringing you a luxury hands on beauty master class which will be taking place on Saturday the 18th of July. Beauty Bash are proud and welcome you to come along to a day’s tutorial on all things beauty. With yourself as your make up model for the day, you will learn how to apply makeup like a celebrity stylist by the time they have finished with you. You will be able to learn tips and tricks by a exiting makeup artist. And for those that are a DIY’er then this event would be perfect for you as well.

Throughout the day you will learn how to prep your face, hygiene, eye makeup and eyelash application, colour matching contouring and many more great skills that you can take with you. Starting at 12pm right the way through to 6pm, the day is going to have you smiling from ear to ear with the amount of information and knowledge that you will be receiving.

And this will all be taking place at the Holiday Inn in Docklands. Tickets are priced at £100.00 which includes individual one on one question time and  food and refreshments throughout the day. If you have a makeup kit that you use daily or for special occasions etc, please bring it along with you to have your skin looking great. So all you literally have to do now is show up and be apart of what is going to be an exciting day.

Upcoming Event: Happy Hair Day Pop Up Shop- 18th-19th July @ The Tabernacle Notting Hill


Calling all natural hair children who want to take their parents out for the day!

When it comes to our children’s hair we know that it is a very important part of us that we impart on them. Through us, they learn how to treat and take care of their hair as well as learn how to maintain a healthy mane to see them into adulthood. In today’s society and culture, parents have to upkeep not just the hair that continues to grow, but their children’s confidence and self esteem in the beauty in what they have.

And so Sal, founder of Root Two Tip is hosting a natural hair pop up shop for children. This two day event is for parents who are in need of help with their children’s curly kinks and coils of all ethnicities. Whether your issue be dryness, tangles and knots or investing in new products, this event will allow “Hairducation” expert Sal,  to give you some tips and advice that you will also be able to walk away with as she has also written an essential guide on all things natural for your child’s hair. As well as being able to invest and try out her own handmade natural haircare products designed especially for children, this event is to promote awareness and bring insight to those that are willing to learn more.

So what can you expect on the day? Amongst the launch of their Happy Hair kits, there will be a visual tutorials with product demonstration and loads more including hair care guides as well. And it gets better… Because the two day event is free for both adults and children! So what are you waiting for? Tell your neighbour, family and friends to be sure to purchase their tickets on Eventbrite for both adults and children to come down to what is going to be an educational weekend.

Upcoming Event: Ayamour DIY Hair Styling July Workshops @ Saturday 18th July Birmingham Crowne Plaza Hotel



braids_twistsCalling all naturalista’s who need a little help from their friends!

Diving into the natural hair world is no joke. Deciding on going back to your roots, and even through the transition period, the reality of what you are going back to only becomes real when you have to start creating hairstyles that you can work with on a regular basis.  It takes time dedication and perseverance to retrain your mind about how to treat and maintain your new kinky coils. And when you have a busy day or week which may include work, studies, running a business or tending to children, learning how to bantu knot or perfect a twist out with your favourite styling product takes time out of the day that you don’t have.

Well help is here!

The ladies at Ayamour are running a July workshop at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham where for beginners you can learn to twist and style and for those women who have left the novice line, the DIY hairstyling session will be just what you need to take your skills to the next level. With both workshops taking place on Saturday the 18th of July starting at 10am, each session will be an in-depth few hours where provided with tools, you will learn all the basic and most popular hair styles that you can take home and make your own. With tips and inspirations given throughout the day as well as you having a go to recreate some designs, why not take a few friends and family along and make a day of it where you then can come home and trade skills learnt!