Curls Go Ping and Pop with Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker

by Maria Tumolo

I don’t really like using hair gels. On special occasions I may use an edge tamer gel for a pony tail updo. I prefer styling creams but last year I discovered a few gels that work well on my curls without the crunchy or clammy feeling. I’ve been hearing and seeing good things about Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker, since it burst onto the natural hair scene several months ago. Camille Rose is a brand that I LOVE! To date, I’ve not been disappointed by any of their products. I recently trialled the Curl Maker. From my experience, the hype has with merit. Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker will give you enviable popping curls.

I tend to wash my hair on weekends, I used the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker for two consecutive weekend hair washes. Here are my results:

Trial 1: I washed and conditioned my hair with of my staple products then I applied Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment and followed up with the Curl Maker gel. I applied the gel to my wet hair. Then I diffused my hair. My curls were well defined, bouncy, shiny and full. The curls lasted until the following wash day. Although, mid-week I applied one of my usual hair oils to my scalp and little to my hair as usual. On a couple occasions during the week, I also lightly re-applied some of the Curl Maker to parts of my dry hair that had become a bit fizzy. (I don’t always put away my curls properly at night). Even on dry hair there was no crunch just soft luscious curls, with no frizz. However, I would not suggest doing this more than a couple times, because the gel is meant to be used on wet hair. At least dampen hair to restyle during the week if necessary.

Trial 2: I washed and conditioned my hair my favourite curl cleanser and conditioner. I then applied the Curl Maker to lightly towel dried hair and I followed up with a hair butter. To style, flat-twisted my hair, then blow dried it. When my hair was dry, I untwisted it and styled it in a twist out. My curls we loser because of the flat-twist but they we still well defined with minimum frizz. On the night of day 2, I loosely retwisted my hair with a hair butter and applied a small amount of the gel in the morning. I did this because my hair is colour treated and tends to dry out easily. When I untwisted my hair in the morning it was slightly frizzy, so, I put a little more gel.

Curl Maker Trial

I preferred the results from Trial 1. It had nothing to do with the product only the styling method. Overall, I’m totally happy with the results from the Curl Maker. I believe it should work for most natural hair curl types. However, coarser curl types should try setting the curl by twisting the hair. Braid outs should last even longer, but curls must tucked away at night by ‘pineappling’ the hair to the crown of the head.

I love the packaging of the Curl Maker. It’s pretty and girly. You get a sense that it’s fun playful product. Feel encouraged to enjoy your curls. Play with it. The font is easy to read and the product instructions are clear straight-forward to follow. The first five ingredients listed in the Curl Maker are: Dionized water, pectin, coco nucifera(coconut )oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, panthenol. Other ingredients shown at the front of the bottle are: pomegranate seed oil, marshmallow and agrave leaf extracts. A bottle 12oz RRP £21. So, it’s not cheap but it delivers on its promises and that to a naturalista seeking curl perfection is worth its weight in gold. Depending on length, thickness and how often you use the gel it should last you 6-8 weeks at least. I would certainly recommend this products. Spring in the air and Curl Maker will make wash and go styles pop in the sunshine.

About the Author


I am a Trinidadian born Surrey based stay at home mum, blogger and aspiring children books writer. My blog is The Tiger Tales and it explores topics such: as parenting as an expat, family experiences as a mixed heritage family, fashion, food and beauty. You can find me on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest


Karen’s Body Beautiful Lavender and Vanilla Hair Care Range Review

Now many may ask why is a hair care range called Karen’s Body Beautiful? Well that’s because Karen Tappin didn’t start her entrepreneurial business with hair, the US phenomenon started with natural spa and body care products, that within a few years avalanched her into her successful hair range. And since then she has gone to become a worldwide favourite in creating an all-natural brand aiming to eliminate all forms of preservatives and other non-natural chemicals.



I was excited to get my hands on the Lavender and Vanilla range that I tried out a couple of weeks ago. My hair has been through the mill this summer. So this was the perfect time to test out Karen’s while restoring my mane. Let’s begin with the Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo. For me this was an essential way to condition my hair while cleansing it. Washing my hair in four sections the appreciation of the two in one duo, was quickly noticed. It lathered up once the product connected with my hair, and had the right balance of suds and slip for me to get right into my scalp and roots. I was most impressed that after two washes my hair didn’t feel stripped and completely dry. And as a bonus the scent kicks in after you’ve rinsed the hair and made my kinks clean and defined with a nice shine.

Detangling each section, I then went on to use the Luscious Locks Hair Mask Deep Conditioning Treatment. This thick but light between the fingers product is not scented with lavender and vanilla fragrance. The concentration of the vegetable wax, agave and aloe butter created a nutritious protective balm over my roots and ends. This is where I was able to take my time and apply it well into my hair as my locks are quite thick. Pre sectioning my hair allowed me to massage the roots and with my fingers comb through to the ends. The excess I combed out was able to go right back in and catch all the nape hairs I missed. I tie up my hair in a plastic bag then wrap it with a towel for about 25 minutes.

Rinsing out the deep treatment took no time at all, and left my hair feeling alive again! When it comes to sun and heat damage, you can’t take your hair for granted, I was glad to see that the hair mask did exactly what it said it would do. This made me smile as I could glide my fingers through healthy hair which felt like it had a summer jacket of oils and goodness on.

I decided to try the flat twist with the Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil. With a lot of styling gels they either are too runny to stiff or too sticky. I style my hair wet and as you go through each section, some parts begin to dry before others. This can also have an effect on the finished look dependent on your hair. Karen’s has found a great balance in regards to texture and consistency of this gel. And fall in love with the organic and entrancing fragrance all over again as once fully dried, your left with a firm hold on your favourite hair style. I would recommend using the gel for special occasions. If you need to smooth fly away edges or a bun this would be ideal to set it with. Daily once it’s set, it could be a challenge to create your desired look, dependent on how you maintain your hair.

Karen’s is an affordable range for the growing in confidence naturalista. Karen’s is marketed to attract the thick curly kinky girls. For me and my mane, I was pleased with the outcome and the effect of the entire line used. I regained softness from the shampoo, elasticity bounce and definition from the deep treatment hair mask, and the styling gel provided me with ultimate hold and volume for my big day out.

Karen you have becoming deserving of a place in my bathroom and for the beautiful lavender and vanilla range I give you a: 8.5/10  

by Natasha Ferguson

Natasha Ferguson

Lover of God’s love. Mother. Wife. Editor in Chief of new Urban Online Gospel Magazine 2BReal, PA & Freelance Journalist.


Cantu Argan Oil and Curl Activator Review

by Monique Thomas

I tend to come across Cantu products quite often on blogs, social network sites and in hair shops. So when the opportunity to review these two products was presented I couldn’t say no.


Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner 


Formulated for dry or coarse hair, infused with 100% pure Argan Oil, Cantu Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream stops and mends hair breakage while leaving hair soft, shiny, and manageable.


Scent & Texture

The scent is absolutely beautiful. It has a really nice fruity scent, which isn’t overpowering and it’s just what you want from a hair product (well that’s if you like fruity scents).

It has a paste-like consistency, kind of like an oil moisturiser. It is very similar to Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In Conditioner (my favourite leave-in conditioner).



Prior to application I shampooed my hair and then followed up with a deep conditioner. The directions on the tub give you three options…

1) Daily Styling

2) Leave-In Treatment

3) Frizz Free Hair

Having done a deep condition, I choose to go with option 1 (Daily Styling). With this option no rinse out was required. I applied (on towel dry hair) a handful amount of the product, beginning at the roots and then I worked my way to the tips. I then detangled using a wide toothcomb.


I’m happy to report that I have no negative comments about this leave-in conditioner and I’ll definitely be using it again. My hair took really well to the product as it felt extremely soft, moisturised and it provided a sufficient amount of slip for easy detangling.


What would I do differently?

I think for next time I’ll try this product as a deep conditioner (leave-in treatment) and see what results I get.

Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream


This silky cream is an amazing detangler and curl definer. It helps smooth the hair to leave it shiny and frizz free.


Scent & Texture

The Mositurising Curl Activator Cream smells just like the Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner…absolutely beautiful. It’s not as fruity as the leave-in conditioner and it contains shea butter so you do get a hint of it amongst the scent, but it works really well.



After applying the leave-in conditioner, I used my heat protector (ORS Heat Protection Hair Serum) before blow-drying my hair. Once my hair was dry I sectioned my hair into 6 large sections, applied a small amount to each section and then did a two strand twist. I covered my hair with a satin bonnet and left my twists in overnight.



When I unraveled my twists the following day, my hair was super soft. Yay! My curls were shiny (as promised), bouncy and nicely clumped together which is how I like my twist outs. The product promises to leave your hair frizz free, but I still experience some frizz at the back of my hair. Even though my curl pattern is slightly different back there, I still didn’t get frizz free, smooth curls as stated.

Some people may or may not like this, but the product did leave a slightly greasy feeling to my hair. This isn’t an issue for me as I’m assuming this comes from the glycerin in the ingredients. Glycerin attracts moisture and moisture is water, so it’s great for your hair especially in the summer time when your hair tends to dry out. Overall I was happy with how it made my hair feel, but I was disappointed that my curls didn’t last for very long throughout the day.




What would I do differently?

I’ll definitely be using this product again, but for the next time I’ll be using it with Eco-Styler gel to achieve more defined curls and hopefully get them to last longer.

About The Author 

My name is Monique Thomas but you can call me Mo. I’m a graphic designer from London and I write for my blog My blog is a place where I like to share my love for graphic design, natural hair, fashion, homemade recipes for hair and skin and so much more.

Live Life. Love Plenty. Laugh Hard.

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Going coco loco for Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment

by Maria Tumolo 

Coming from the Caribbean, the coconut is precious to me.  It’s in my food and beverage, it’s on my skin and in my hair. Living in England, finding a fresh AND tasty coconut is rare. I’m told by my elders that the phosphorous has several health benefits. No scientific report, but my mum also told me it’s also good for pregnant women and the foetus.  In the summer of 2012 I drank three and ate the jelly in rapid cessation, when I was pregnant with my second baby. It’s so refreshing and hydrating. The taste was divine, like an elixir from the gods. Yes, I’m passionate about a coconut. Naturally, when I read that one of my favourite natural hair brands, Camille Rose Naturals, had a product that contains coconut water as one of its ingredients I was intrigued.  I used the Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment on two consecutive weekend washdays and found it to be a good product.



The Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment is, to quote the brand a ‘concentrated rinse-out conditioner for silky, for hair’. I used the treatment in conjunction with my staple washday products.  It’s hard to gage for certain whether or not the other products influenced the end results I had but I’m happy. The fragrance of the treatment is mild and coconutty but not like fresh coconut. The consistency is very rich and creamy but sort of dry if that makes any sense. The product doesn’t give any instructions for use. I contacted the brand via social media and was advised to use heat for 30 minutes for best results. I always apply my conditioners and treatments to lightly towel-dried hair and I did so with this one. Upon application my hair was well-coated but I felt that the product didn’t have enough slip. I didn’t detangle at this stage as I normally would do. I left the treatment on for 45 minutes with my cordless thermal heat wrap, then I rinsed. My hair felt soft, fortified but not that silky.  I detangled my hair after the product was rinsed out.  Then followed my usual steps to apply applying a leave in conditioner, sealing the moisture in with oil and applying my styling product and twisted my hair to dry. Once my hair was dry I untwisted my hair the following day. My hair felt light, bouncy, and super soft and moisturised which doesn’t always happen after washday, since I’ve colour treated my hair.

Camille Rose Trial

On the second trial I followed the same procedure starting with a pre-shampoo treatment with coconut oil except I didn’t use a heat wrap. I wrapped my hair with saran wrap and allowed my natural body heat to help the treatment do its job. I left it in for an hour then rinsed.  After rinsing I detangled. On this occasion, I noticed that my detangled towel dried hair looked less full. The strands seemed a bit straighter and smoother. Additionally, my hair felt soft, fortified but not that moisturized with a slight crunch VERY slight. I think the crunch comes from the fact the hair is less silky after the treatment when in comparison to others I’ve used.  However, once gain once my was dry and untwisted it looked amazing, shiny bouncy and soft.

The Camille Rose Naturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment is not specifically for colour treated hair as mine is. However, I thought it worked amazingly well in conjunction with my staples. I think it should give good results to any natural hair texture. Although I must highlight, on both occasions I did pre-treat my hair with oil before shampooing etc.  The product is not on the cheap it RRP at £19.99. However, I think for something that works it’s good to purchase as treat and use when your hair needs a little something extra. Because it’s so rich depending on how long and thick your hair is you could easily get up to six treatments from it. My hair is thin and shoulder length and after two uses still have more than half a jar left of the product. The first four ingredients listed are:  Ionized water, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Water), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower Seed) Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, the latter of which is a mild detangling agent according to my quick online search. See this link: .  Notably, the pretty but more importantly the font style and size are clear and although it doesn’t have direction on it the product description all other texts clearly legible and I truly appreciate that. I would recommend this product to my curl friends.

 About the Author

I’m a full time stay at home older mum and blogger. My blog is called The Tiger Tales, it covers lifestyle, education, food, beauty and just about anything that has an impact on me and my mixed heritage family.


Shea Moisture’s Smooth and Repair range Review

by Monique Thomas

1 / Hair and Scalp Weekly Therapy

2 / Nourishing Hair Mask

Shea Moisture has made a massive impact on the natural hair community. Whether you’re transitioning, a new naturalist or a veteran, you would have heard about or come across at least one of their products. So when Beauty by Zara gave me the opportunity to review Shea Moisture’s latest hair care range, I was super excited.



Hair and Scalp Weekly Therapy


This ultra-nourishing treatment is the secret to healthy, shiny hair. It works to soothe, hydrate and provide antioxidant benefits to the scalp, which promote healthy hair renewal and growth.



Scent & Texture

Guys I’m going to keep it real, the scent is pretty awful. Shea Moisture products tend to smell pretty good, but for some reason they forgot to show this product some love in the fragrance department. The scent is a mixture of coffee and spices and doesn’t quite work for me, but thankfully I’m not testing this product for the smell, so let’s move on.

I’m happy with the texture, as is thick and creamy which is how I like it. It’s also very similar to Shea Moisture’s Anti-Breakage Hair Masque. So if you like that sort of texture, you’d definitely like this.


Before applying the product, I wet my hair with some water using my spritz bottle. I then applied two squirts of the product to my hair and scalp, making sure it was fully saturated from my roots to ends. The product was left it in my hair for approx 30 minutes, uncovered.





My hair and scalp had no problems with this product. My curls were defined, bouncy and the product sat well on my hair and scalp during the 30 minutes. During the rinse out I noticed that my hair felt quite soft and I had no problems detangling which was great news. It’s quite hard to judge this product for it’s benefits at this stage, so I think I’ll give it more time in order to see more results.

What would I do differently?

I tend to cover my hair in a plastic cap when leaving products in for more than 5 minutes. I didn’t on this occasion, as this wasn’t advised on the bottle. But I think I’ll cover my hair next time to see if it makes any difference.


Nourishing Hair Mask


Our intensive treatment deep conditions and infuses hair with a powerful dose of moisture. Certified organic Shea Butter, revitalizing Tahitian Noni and Monoi Oil, blended with Keratin, Peptides and Botanical Extracts hydrate, strengthen and repair frizzy, flyaway hair.  Helps smooth hair cuticle, controlling frizz and maintaining straight styles.




 Scent & Texture

When I opened the container, the scent was very reminiscent of the Anti-Breakage Hair Masque, which has a strong floral/tropical scent. The texture was very thick and creamy, again very similar to Anti-Breakage Hair Masque so I was happy.


After rinsing, I shampooed my hair using Shea Moisture’s Curl and Shine Shampoo (my favourite mositurising shampoo) and I sectioned my clean wet hair into four sections. As directed I applied a generous amount (roughly two large handfuls) and then I used a wide toothcomb to distribute evenly from root to ends. For extra-conditioning I left the product in my hair, covered with a plastic cap for 30 minutes under my hood dryer. Then rinsed thoroughly.






Whilst rinsing I noticed that my hair felt really clean but had a straw like texture, which was disappointment. This product promises to leave your hair re-hydrated but I felt like mine was the opposite. At the same time I had to remind myself that this product is a keratin/protein based treatment, so I shouldn’t expect my hair to come out fully moisturised. The purpose of keratin/protein is to prevent hair breakage, rebuild hair structure and strengthen your strands. So I’m happy to deal with the straw like texture, as long as I achieve healthy hair and scalp.

I continued with my usual regime and I applied my Giovanni Leave-in conditioner, oils mix and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (my LOC method). I then did a few two-strand twists to stretch my hair and allowed it to air-dry overnight. On the following day, I will agree that my hair (especially the roots) was super smooth, very soft and the floral smell was still lingering. However this product didn’t help to control my frizz as promised. But i’m not entirely disappointed as it contains some essential ingredients to healthy hair renewal and growth; which is my main hair goal.




What would I do differently?

I think for the next time I’ll be mixing this product with my deep conditioners and adding in some oils and honey into the mix for added moisture.

About The Author 

My name is Monique Thomas but you can call me Mo. I’m a graphic designer from London and I write for my blog My blog is a place where I like to share my love for graphic design, natural hair, fashion, homemade recipes for hair and skin and so much more.

Live Life. Love Plenty. Laugh Hard.

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Miracle Hand Cream

If you have followed my product craze for a winter hand cream then you will know that I have THE worst form of dry hands EVER!

Having read so many great reviews on this, I too found it also something that can only be described as a miracle hand cream: Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream 

Pure help for hard-working hands. Burt’s Bees super rich, all-natural hand cream is made with sweet almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise dry skin and beeswax to help seal and shield your hands from the elements. With such a sweet scent, you’ll always be reminded to feed your skin with the nourishing care.


Ingredients: prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, aqua (water, eau), cera alba (beeswax, cire d’abeille), aloe barbadensis leaf juice, kaolin, parfum (fragrance), citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit extract, non-fat dry milk, chondrus crispus (carrageenan) extract, glycerin, glycine soja (soybean) oil, tocopherol, stearic acid, glucose, sodium borate, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, linalool.


By November, I am usually trying every hand cream on every aisle of every shop.  I have written a review previously on Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop, and for a while (and all of last year) it worked a treat. But this year, my dry hand has evolved to something next to bloody gruesome. Keyword ‘bloody’. See for yourself:


Everyone told me it is because of my frequent use of chemical cleaners and hence a tragic symptom of my OCD. But no way! I hadn’t cleaned a damn thing in a week and my hands were still at the verge of amputation.

So in came… Good Old Burt. The Burt’s Hand Cream was the best purchase I had made in a long time. It is very rarely, I find something wicked and works like magic….I mean, literally, it was MAGIC. I applied it the same night I got it and by morning…no bloody hands! See:


This was with just ONE use! I couldn’t believe it. I swear. I never felt so in love with a product as much as I did that morning. So, with great satisfaction after just one application,  I carried it around with my everywhere like it was my new BFF.

It’s January now, nearly 2 months since I started using…pot half empty, and the results are nothing short of marvellous:


I also found that…if I started to develop dry areas during the day I would massage a small amount of hand scrub first and then smack on the hand cream.

Any good scrub will probably do, but I use SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Raw Shea Hand & Body Scrub. This smells divine and compliments the rest of the Raw Shea products I use at bath time.


Burt also does a scrub that I have used prior to my new SheaMoisture scrub and will probably work just as well – if you like same brands for hands kind of thing that is.


Dry Skin Rescue


My face has started to tell me that the winter season has arrived. Its been a week or so into the really cold weather her in the UK and I am slapping on all the dry skin products I have left over from the year before.

So as I stock up on my three trusted faves, I thought of sharing the moment of absolute adoration of my products with you.


Hands: The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector 

‘Hand’ seems to be in need of constant moisturisation (regardless of weather/season) and every year I have always trusted The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector to rescue them.  ‘Hand’ is nearly always in the sink whether it be washing up for the umpteenth time or sanitising it from the umpteenth nappy change. The cold weather is also unfavourable towards ‘hand’ so gloves are very essential (nuisance also in conjunction with operating a touch screen phone, finding oyster card at the bottom of handbag, handling coins etc.)

body_shop_hand_protectorI first bought this 5 or 6 years ago when a colleague recommended it to me after mistaking ‘hand’ for ‘cracked heel’ and have loved it forever since.

There’s generally positive reviews everywhere on the web so you do not have to take my word for it alone.

Some people say it’s a little on the expensive side, but I reckon it does such a smashing job that £10 for 100ml  is well worth the purchase.

Feet: Scholl’s Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser 

I always struggle to keep ‘feet’ in good condition, partly because they are very rarely visible (‘feet’ is usually in socks, slippers), and partly because ‘hand’ problem supersedes any other body problem.

At this time of the year Scholl Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser is what I use. Love the smell, feel and consistency of this. Like oils, a little goes a long way. It gets to work instantly and leaves my food soft and supple throughout the day. At £4.99 it’s dirt cheap and is sure to last you the whole season.


Face: Egyptian Magic Cream 

I’m madly in love with my all-purpose Egyptian Magic Cream. As well as being my face moisturiser, it’s also a great primer for foundation, brilliant on nappy rashes and even keeps stray hairs at bay! It really is ALL-PURPOSE. I like to use it before I go out and every night before bed. I have a detailed product review here.


We are currently dishing out samples with every order at Beauty by Zara, so if you have had one lately…tell us what you think!


BBZ Tried and Tested: Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Come Clean Shampoo

Kinky CurlyIf you like your products with a quirky title, then Kinky-Curly is bound to have grabbed your attention. And with fun packaging with more than a subtle nod to the vintage products of yesteryear, it has shelf appeal too.

But all of this marketing work is of little use if the end product is lack luster, so does the inside live up to the pleasing hype of the outside?

Why we tried it…

It’s been flying off our shelves since the (dare I say) summer started! So, naturally we had to investigate. Our best sellers were the Curling Custard and Come Clean Shampoo.

The Curling Custard is a natural styling gel that is designed to give your curls hold without that crispy hardness associated with many other products.

Kinky-Curly Come Clean is a shampoo product that claims to rid your hair of product build up and so return it to its naturally healthy condition once more. By rinsing clean from your hair, your hair is left in a more natural and shiny state. [By the way, I love the title of this shampoo – sounds like I am about to confess all my sins! LOL]

curling custard2

What’s in it?

Both products contain worthy ingredients that have a high natural and organic rating so it’s a huge tick for worthy ingredients.

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard is packed full of natural ingredients such as Botanical Infusion of Water, Horsetail, Chamomile, Nettle and Marshmallow, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Agave Nectar extract and Vitamin E.

Horsetail is a herbal extract that is thought to improve weak and brittle hair and restore its natural condition. Read more:

Chamomile corrects the balance of oil in the scalp and so counteracts greasiness and dull looking, limp hair.

Nettle and Marshmallow have healing qualities so help both the hair and the scalp stay in optimum condition.

Agave Nectar encourages moisture retention and helps with hold and shine.




Kinky-Curly Come Clean contains Organic Mandarin Orange fruit, Organic Marigold flower, Organic White Willow Bark, Organic Sea Kelp.

Mandarin Orange Fruit not only adds fragrance, but its vitamin content encourages healthy looking hair.

White Willow Bark is an astringent and looks to cleanse the hair and restore its beauty.

Sea Kelp encourages new hair growth so is again a product that can help bring back the hairs natural beauty.

Marigold Flower helps to restore damage to the hair shaft.

How easy is it to use?

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard is designed to be used on soaking wet hair. It is also recommended that you air dry your hair in order to avoid frizz. It is not without the need for effort but then again, what product worth its styling salt is. However, it smells fantastic and a little goes a long way.

Kinky-Curly Come Clean is a sulphate free shampoo that softens hard water so that it leaves no residue behind. It can be used as a daily shampoo so is a breeze to use.

Reviews are pretty good, with the below being a quick summary of what we have to say.

Team Zara’s Final Verdict…

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

Good condition of my hair after use, no crispiness and my curls were definitely more defined. It doesn’t dry out the hair and is not sticky. It does however, take a long time to dry and I think you have to learn how to get the best results. – Angela (Score: 4/5)

Kinky-Curly Come Clean

Left my hair soft and bouncy and with increased shine. Only needed a small amount, good lather and helped to stop my itchy scalp too! Only downside is that it can be drying. – Zara (Score: 4/5)

Final Score: 4/5 = MUST TRY

Our opinion is that the price is good for what you get and a little definitely goes a long way with both products.

Make sure you get the genuine article and respect the price you pay. If it is too cheap, it may be a warning sign. Buy from a genuine stockist such as

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard is £17.95 for 8oz and Kinky-Curly Come Clean is £12.95 for 8oz

BBZ Ratings:


MUST TRY = 3-4



We always love to hear your experiences, so use the space below to tell us your story.

Zara x

BBZ Tried and Tested: Egyptian Magic

Every so often I hear about a product that promises wondrous things that seem so fantastic, that it seems almost too good to be true. And as a species that loves a bit of scepticism, I often choose to avoid the purchase, rather than discover a product that will change my beauty regime and skin condition for ever more.

So, this month, the Zara Team and I have put Egyptian Magic to the test to discover for ourselves why this product has caused a flood of positive reviews over the World Wide Web and what difference it would make to our skin.egyptian_magic_4oz

Why I tried it…

As I went for my usual top-up on my BareMinerals foundation, the nice (and smart) lady at the counter had given me the advice to try Egyptian Magic as a base before I applied my usual BM primer as I was rambling on about how the dry patches on my face never seem to go despite the usual killer regimen I had in place of cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate etc. I had previously been using the usual E45 mixed with some olive oil as my usual moisturiser…and was seeing no real lasting benefit. I was desperate to find out more as the terrible cold weather here was just lingering on forever and my poor face just could not take anymore! hehehe…

What’s in it?

Olive oil –very similar to the oil that occurs naturally in our own skin, so when our skin is feeling dry, there is no better way to add moisture back in than by using a product that is virtually indistinguishable from our own oil structure.

Beeswax – It is no coincidence this ingredient is the selling point of furniture polish. It creates a barrier, so by keeping the skin’s natural oil within, and also preventing damage from outer elements.

Bee Propolis – Here is the ingredient that helps with skin inflammation and those troublesome skin irritations that grind you down and make you self conscious.

Bee Pollen – Whilst on a roll of bee goodness, Bee Pollen gives the skin a youthful glow. An anti-oxidant, it protects the skin from damage from harmful free radicals as well as rejuvenating skin cells, so bringing skin back to what it has been previously.

Honey – Full of nature’s natural goodness, it helps rejuvenate the skin condition as well as being useful for acne as it cleanses blocked pores.

Royal Jelly – Crammed with vitamins, this helps the skin to rejuvenate as well as boosting collagen production, meaning your skin is smoother and less prone to sag.

How easy is it to use?

There is little point having a wonder product if it is hard to use.

Egyptian Magic is less greasy than a lot of similar products, but be prepared for it to take time to fully absorb. The longer it takes, the better it is for your skin so don’t take this as a negative. A little goes a long way, so a small amount is all that is needed to add a genuine moisture boost.

Good v Bad

Surely there are no cons when you are getting an improvement in skin condition?

Reviews remain largely positive, but here is a quick summary of what others have to say after purchasing Egyptian Magic.

Good:    Increase in skin hydration, softens facial wrinkles, great all over the body, super soft skin, youthful appearance, smells nice, good on the neck.

Bad:    Skin greasy after application, sticky and gooey texture, beware fakes, heavy on the skin.

Added benefits:   Reduction in scarring, decrease in acne, cured dry elbows and feet, cured dried out hair, helped haemorrhoids, worked on burns, good for baby bottoms, stopped eczema scratching.

Team Zara’s Final Verdict…

“I have tried this cream on every mark and dry patch on my body. Whilst it’s difficult to comment on how well it works on scarring (given the little time I have used it), I reckon that it’s a great face moisturiser and gives the same level of moisturisation as any other high-end moisturiser. It’s a great foot cream – works marvellous on cracked heels and on my dry big toe! I use this as a lip balm and hand cream too!!!  Just be sure to only apply a little at a time otherwise it will appear to be too oily. Don’t be too put-off by the smell either, it’s not delicious smelling – smells of olive oil and beeswax rolled in one…but it didn’t bother me too much as the smell fades away quite quickly. And despite the price tag, the little amount you only need each time means that you will have to only top up on the jar every few months, and as it serves many purposes you wouldn’t need all the other hand creams and foot creams and lip balms… So it all evens out in the end!”  – Zara (Score: 4.5/5)

“This works great on my cracked heels, dry elbows and serves as a good night face cream. I have had a few spots on my face and the cream didn’t irritate or worsen it – so that’s always good! It felt as if it had also calmed the soreness of the big spot I had on my forehead. The smell isn’t yummy but it didn’t bother me at all.” – Ali (Score: 4/5)

“Whilst I still love my usual face moisturiser, Egyptian Magic is great for my arms and legs…it maintains a nice moisture level throughout the day so my legs look silky and smooth all day long! I personally think it’s a bit too greasy for my face but that’s probably because I do not suffer dryness.” – Angela (Score: 3/5)

Final Score: 3.8/5 = MUST TRY

Where to buy…

Make sure you get the genuine article and respect the price you pay. If it is too cheap, it may be a warning sign. Buy from a genuine stockist such as At £ 24.00 for 4 oz, it is a product that will last.

BBZ Ratings:

  • MUST HAVE = 4-5
  • MUST TRY = 3-4

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Zara x

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