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Our Top Five Dry Shampoos For All Hair Types


Whether your mid week flat iron, wash and go or natural curls  have lost a bit of life, and you don’t have the time or the energy to give it the full treatment, let the dry shampoo be of assistance. Now when it comes to the natural kinks and coily hair, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of dry shampoos on the market. This is not the case though! Dry shampoo has been around since the 1970s, and is popular way to refresh and cleanse the hair during the week rather than stripping the natural oils with your normal shampoo. So we have a treat for you. Not only are the ones that we have listed below kinky curly friendly, but you could also lend it to your girlfriends that have a different hair texture from you, to give their a great effect. These products listed below are in no particular order in regards to what they do and how well they perform the task. Here at Beauty By Zara, we like to know that we can provide you with what you need to know is out there in the hair community.

Tip! For maximum results, be sure spray 6-10 inches away from your hair coating the ends, while letting it rest on your hair for about two minutes to then comb or brush through. 

macadamia-natural-oil-volumizing-dry-shampoo-1Macadamia Natural Oil Dry Shampoo– This care treatment works great on finer hair textures to help pump up the volume, while refreshing and revitalising your hair.

evoEvo Water Killer Dry Shampoo– This fantastic dry shampoo doubles up as not just a styling spray, but a texturising styling spray as well. The Evo Water Killer is fantastic at preventing damage to the hair when washing and using heat.

rene_dryRené Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo– A celebrity favourite. The René Furterer Dry Shampoo instantly cleans hair to refresh and restore volume between regular shampoos. It also absorbs excess oil, impurities and environmental odours so hair is lightly scented and full of bounce. This is one definitely for the gym bag.

one_more_dayOne More Day Dry Shampoo– Philip Kingsley has put together One More Day as a lightweight spray that soothes the scalp, as well as absorbing excess sebum. Packed full of calming and soothing ingredients such as Zinc PCA, Allantoin and Bisabolol that cleanse the scalp, tis product would deb idea for those that suffer with an itchy scalp.

No-DroughtNo Drought Dry Shampoo– From the beautiful creator of Lush, the grapefruit and lime flavours add vibrancy and a incredible scent to your cleaner hair. Giving you a matte finish, this product leaves you without any dustiness.