Free Event

Upcoming Event: Are you Going To Camberwell Fair? Saturday 25th July On Camberwell Green


Who doesn’t love a free event, especially now that the summer holidays have begun?

Camberwell Fair 2015 will be a celebration of Camberwell’s music, people and culture. Based in the heart of South London, Camberwell which is a stone throw away from Brixton is known for it’s vibrant atmosphere, diverse residents visitors and community that have made the inner city district come alive in development throughout the decades.

Here’s some history for you; There was a Fair on Camberwell Green from 1279 to 1855, and the 2015 Camberwell Fair is the first in this century so it’s definitely a good way to come out and enjoy the festivities and celebrations as the tradition has new life breathed into it with the new faces of Camberwell.

And the best part of it all; families are welcome and it is free entry for all! There’ll be two music stages, dance workshops, games, pop-up stalls run by local Camberwell businesses, food, drinks and an amazing farmers market. So be sure to carry a shopping bag as you will definitely be going home with some goodies to enjoy. And also remember Beauty By Zara is only a bus ride away on Walworth road, so if your coming from a distance and are in need of some hair products, be sure to stop by!

Starting at 12pm be sure to register for a free ticket.  Or if you want to get priority queuing and become a member of this year’s fair to show your support for the event, then be sure to click the link above where not only do you get a free cocktail on arrival for all members, but there are also loads of other goodies awaiting you throughout the day, as well as the feel good feeling that you have contributed in making this free event a great event.


Upcoming Event: Happy Hair Day Pop Up Shop- 18th-19th July @ The Tabernacle Notting Hill


Calling all natural hair children who want to take their parents out for the day!

When it comes to our children’s hair we know that it is a very important part of us that we impart on them. Through us, they learn how to treat and take care of their hair as well as learn how to maintain a healthy mane to see them into adulthood. In today’s society and culture, parents have to upkeep not just the hair that continues to grow, but their children’s confidence and self esteem in the beauty in what they have.

And so Sal, founder of Root Two Tip is hosting a natural hair pop up shop for children. This two day event is for parents who are in need of help with their children’s curly kinks and coils of all ethnicities. Whether your issue be dryness, tangles and knots or investing in new products, this event will allow “Hairducation” expert Sal,  to give you some tips and advice that you will also be able to walk away with as she has also written an essential guide on all things natural for your child’s hair. As well as being able to invest and try out her own handmade natural haircare products designed especially for children, this event is to promote awareness and bring insight to those that are willing to learn more.

So what can you expect on the day? Amongst the launch of their Happy Hair kits, there will be a visual tutorials with product demonstration and loads more including hair care guides as well. And it gets better… Because the two day event is free for both adults and children! So what are you waiting for? Tell your neighbour, family and friends to be sure to purchase their tickets on Eventbrite for both adults and children to come down to what is going to be an educational weekend.