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New Anita Grant Clay Hair Wash & Cleansing Co Wash Conditioner

Did you know that we have a few new products added to the Anita Grant range that we stock in store and online?
So here’s the 411 on the  Anita Grant Curl Conditioning Clay Hair Wash:
CLAY_WASHThis product works better on women who have tighter coils, and works as a shampoo or co-wash alternative. By thoroughly cleansing your hair by it brings better moisture retention for styling which is necessary. With silica and iron, which are excellent for cleansing the hair, the product also does wonders in enhancing your curl pattern too, so it’s a win win all round.
It is proven that after using the clay hair wash for the first time, your guaranteed clean but not stripped coils, improvement in natural texture, heightened sheen and curl definition to be topped off with manageability and softness. For maximum results be sure to only use plastic or wooden utensils when mixing, as the metal will lessen the effect of the clay. Apply the Clay Hair Wash in small sections, leave on for 10-15 minutes and then  rinse thoroughly with warm water. Detangle and proceed to condition on create you wash and go style.
The sulfate free, low suds, co-wash conditioner is excellent for removing residual build up. and a great in-between shampoo wash while combating frizz. Rich in vitamins C and E, amino acids, protein and antioxidants to improve scalp circulation, you curls will love the nourishing after effect. For best results apply to the hair in sections making sure your hair is completely soaked, applying from root to tip and using either your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle. Leave on for an extra five minutes for extra penetration to the hair, rinse with warm water and your ready to style!