Shop News: Say Hello To Our Very Own Beauty Blender!


We have jumped on the wave of the beauty blenders and have created our very own!

Say hello to the Beauty By Zara official Beauty Blender.

The latest free make up sponge is pretty in hot pink and is perfect for creating your desired look, and allowing you to become your own professional make up artist!

Our latex free beauty blender is great for providing a flawless coverage when using either your foundation, a cream blush or powder. What’s great about our blender is that it holds minimum water retention, which means it will only hold what is necessary, for you to apply the make up with great application, which will eliminates lines and streaks that you may find with other make up sponges.

The shape of our blender not only allows you to cover the big and smaller surface areas to blend, but we also made sure that the make up sits on the the surface of the sponge for a more polished blend. As well as being easy to clean, the Beauty By Zara beauty blender is also price friendly and every women loves quality products for a good price.

Now in both of our stores and online, be sure to pick one up for yourself as well as your friends.



Upcoming Event: Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin and Hair- Saturday 22nd July @ Tuttons Covent Garden

susan tomlinson

Susan Tomlinson, coach and founder and CEO of Real Coaching  Solutions will be hosting the perfect event that has come just in time for the summer months. Essential oils can play a significant role in skin and hair care.  They have so many uses in so many different ways, that lead to many benefits we don’t realise we have in our very home. Oils aid natural healing, can deal with a range of skin, nail and hair conditions, as well as being able to nourish, soften and heal the hair and skin.

We apply so many different products to our skin, that in the natural community people say “whatever you use on your hair, you should be able to use on your skin” which we at Beauty By Zara believe is true. And by applying specific oils that work for you into a daily routine to support yours and your families skin and  hair, Susan has created The Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin and Hair event to show you how you can apply that method.

On Wednesday 22 July 2015 starting at 3.00 pm if you head on down to Tuttons in Covent Garden you will be able to discover the best oils that can sooth and smooth skin and hair. Tickets for this event can be purchased on Eventbrite, and it’s an outing for everyone in the family to come on down to, so be sure to bring your friends and their families as well.

Upcoming Event: Make Up Masterclass- Saturday 18th July @ Docklands Holiday Inn

11412443_10206952660035665_7588441418307608855_nThe people at Rayjeweled Beauty are bringing you a luxury hands on beauty master class which will be taking place on Saturday the 18th of July. Beauty Bash are proud and welcome you to come along to a day’s tutorial on all things beauty. With yourself as your make up model for the day, you will learn how to apply makeup like a celebrity stylist by the time they have finished with you. You will be able to learn tips and tricks by a exiting makeup artist. And for those that are a DIY’er then this event would be perfect for you as well.

Throughout the day you will learn how to prep your face, hygiene, eye makeup and eyelash application, colour matching contouring and many more great skills that you can take with you. Starting at 12pm right the way through to 6pm, the day is going to have you smiling from ear to ear with the amount of information and knowledge that you will be receiving.

And this will all be taking place at the Holiday Inn in Docklands. Tickets are priced at £100.00 which includes individual one on one question time and  food and refreshments throughout the day. If you have a makeup kit that you use daily or for special occasions etc, please bring it along with you to have your skin looking great. So all you literally have to do now is show up and be apart of what is going to be an exciting day.

Beauty By Zara Sale Now On!

Who doesn’t love a sale!

We do!

If you can save a few extra pounds on your everyday must haves and favourite products then you will certainly enjoy what we have online in our sale for a limited time only.

Now that the sun is out the popular EOS lip balm (summer fruit) flavour can go into your bargain basket, and if you are looking for something for your hair then you have a few products from SheaMoisture and 3 Sisters Of Nature to choose from.

While you’re at it you can also check out the latest products added in store and online. The infamous Eco styler have added to their range. Introducing the “cocktail” line, not only is it purse friendly on the pounds but they have created a wash condition and style product what we can’t wait to try out. And once we do, we will post a review. The “Yes To” skincare range have added two new products to their range. The cucumber daily calming moisturising  and the grapefruit even skin tone moisturiser.  And there is a new Jamaican Black Castor Oil edge control in town from Sunny Isle, that all women who love the oil will appreciate.

So whether you are not too far from our Walworth Road store, or in Grays Essex, or anywhere worldwide, not only do we have the latest stock in store for you to pick up straight away, but you will never miss out online as well. And for all those that shop online within the UK, remember that on orders over £60.00 equals free shipping so split the bill three ways with mum dad and the kids and everyone is happy!

Curlvolution 2015 Round Up Review

The 2015 Curlvolution show was the UK’s annual natural hair event where women of all nationalities and ethnicities were able to come together to network, socialise and to talk all things natural. Only in it’s fourth year, Curlvolution has begun an exciting revolution and community which focuses on natural hair and skincare products that are available not just in the US but also growing rapidly in the UK. By bringing worldwide brands and vendors together to the Hilton Hotel on Saturday May 23rd, allowed all coily hair females to heighten their knowledge on their mane with some of the most influential women within the haircare industry.

With vendors like Mane Divas, Beauty By Zara, Pieces By Keke, Super Funky Me, AyaMour, Fashion Fair and headline sponsors ORS and Beautiful Textures, amongst many more, the Hilton was buzzing with fabulous women who came to invest in their kinks and coils. From handmade hair and skincare products, to silk bonnets, having your make up done, to one off African inspired jewellery, to well known brands like Camille Rose, Thank God It’s Natural and Shea Moisture available on the day, had everyone socialising sharing experiences and swapping tips with other women.

With funny man and motivational speaker Action Jackson as the host of the event, this year the show had a variety of workshops and speakers to bring a diverse perspective on the world of natural hair and beauty. This year Curlvolution addressed the business side to the industry with the workshop titled “The Business To Blogging” hosted by UK’s Laila aka (Neffy Fro Fro) and Pelumi who discussed how bringing their natural hair journey to a digital platform has bought them immense success in the business world, and how achievable it is to attain. The make up master workshop delivered by US make up specialist Kluermoi was an incredible insight into the world of contouring and how to achieve the look that’s right for you. And for the new natural newbies that have decided to rock the fro, You Tube vlogger and natural hair expert Jenell Stewart gave a talk and shared her journey which was made insightful with tips and advice on washing styling and gaining that length!

The founders of Curlvolution are on to a good thing here when it comes to providing a growing platform to connect with others. The event embodies a place where free expression of natural beauty is embraced, honoured and empowered. With “going natural” becoming a trend in communities, all over the UK, the only way the Curlvolution show is destined to go, is up.

Blackhead Elimination

Blackheads – arrgghhhhh!!!


Wind back the years to your early youth and one of the first signs of being a teenager is the appearance of blackheads. And from that very moment when that dot of black dares to spoil that perfect childhood skin, the removal of them becomes an obsession. Against the backdrop of your perfect complexion, the colour of black seems to take on a brightness that you’ve never witnessed before in your life, and that means that that bad boy blackhead has to go.

So just what is the best way to go when faced with the dilemma of those nightmare blackheads and even better, is there a way of preventing them from randomly popping up in the first place?

The Blackhead Removal Tool


Since time began, various gadgets have been invented that promise instant removal of even the most stubborn of blackheads.

Most now seem to be double ended with different sized holes for different sized problems! They work by forcing the blackhead to pop out of the skin pore so you can then remove it. Simply press the tool around the blackhead in order to force the little blighter out!

The tools themselves do look quite clinical and can be quite sharp on the skin. And as they tend to leave a tell-tale red rimmed circle around the area where you have been working, it is probably best not to have a removal session just before heading out for the night.

But on balance, and as they come at a relatively low price point, they can be worth owning and having to hand in case of an outbreak emergency.

Try steaming the face over a bowl of hot water first as this opens up the pores and so makes the blackheads easier to remove. Always remember to close the pores again after by splashing the skin generously with cold water.

 Pore strips

pore6 biore-pore-strips

The more sensible version of the piece of sticky tape placed over the nose, the pore strip works by literally sticking to the blackheads so when you remove the strip, it takes the offending items with it.

The advantage of spending your hard earned cash on the pore strip is that they come laden with skin goodies such as tea tree oil and witch hazel which give the skin a thorough cleanse at the same time as removing the blackhead. As a result, this is a product that is also working to prevent further blackheads as well as acne appearing.

There is perhaps something a bit odd about ripping dirt away from your skin, and you have to accept that you will look supremely stupid during the process, but it is also very satisfying and dare we say it – enjoyable!

 Salicylic acid

So impressive an ingredient that it is used to treat skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, salicylic acid is a powerful exfoliator. This makes it an excellent blackhead fighter, as it clears out the pores and sloughs away dead skin cells, encouraging new improved skin to make an appearance and prevent acne and blackhead outbreaks in the future. As such, as well as being available over the counter to buy on its own, it may well make a guest appearance in other skin care products too.

Dry Skin Rescue


My face has started to tell me that the winter season has arrived. Its been a week or so into the really cold weather her in the UK and I am slapping on all the dry skin products I have left over from the year before.

So as I stock up on my three trusted faves, I thought of sharing the moment of absolute adoration of my products with you.


Hands: The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector 

‘Hand’ seems to be in need of constant moisturisation (regardless of weather/season) and every year I have always trusted The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector to rescue them.  ‘Hand’ is nearly always in the sink whether it be washing up for the umpteenth time or sanitising it from the umpteenth nappy change. The cold weather is also unfavourable towards ‘hand’ so gloves are very essential (nuisance also in conjunction with operating a touch screen phone, finding oyster card at the bottom of handbag, handling coins etc.)

body_shop_hand_protectorI first bought this 5 or 6 years ago when a colleague recommended it to me after mistaking ‘hand’ for ‘cracked heel’ and have loved it forever since.

There’s generally positive reviews everywhere on the web so you do not have to take my word for it alone.

Some people say it’s a little on the expensive side, but I reckon it does such a smashing job that £10 for 100ml  is well worth the purchase.

Feet: Scholl’s Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser 

I always struggle to keep ‘feet’ in good condition, partly because they are very rarely visible (‘feet’ is usually in socks, slippers), and partly because ‘hand’ problem supersedes any other body problem.

At this time of the year Scholl Dry Skin Daily Moisturiser is what I use. Love the smell, feel and consistency of this. Like oils, a little goes a long way. It gets to work instantly and leaves my food soft and supple throughout the day. At £4.99 it’s dirt cheap and is sure to last you the whole season.


Face: Egyptian Magic Cream 

I’m madly in love with my all-purpose Egyptian Magic Cream. As well as being my face moisturiser, it’s also a great primer for foundation, brilliant on nappy rashes and even keeps stray hairs at bay! It really is ALL-PURPOSE. I like to use it before I go out and every night before bed. I have a detailed product review here.


We are currently dishing out samples with every order at Beauty by Zara, so if you have had one lately…tell us what you think!